Has anyone seen Hareignheit 9/11?


UFO Hunter
Theres nothing like strapping yourself into a tank, driving into the center of town and shooting everything that moves. Especially when you've got the right song going in the background!

We don't need no water let the mother****ers burn..... burn mother ****ers.... BURN.

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
No. Thats the solidiers in Iraq quote.

By the end of that film I was ready to go 10 rounds in the ring with bush and his admin. What a bunch of assholes.

Is Bowling for Colombine any good?
I found Bowling was a bit too waffly. It should have been shortened unless of course you factor in that he had to say the same thing over and again to get it into thick American skulls.
A mate at work this morning was telling me about the bank that gives you a free gun if you open a bank account and that you can buy bullets at the barbor!!!!

What the hell is going on in that country?
As much as i can't really stand America, Farenheit 9/11 has been exposed many times as being a huge cut and paste film.

I did enjoy Michael's 'Stupid White Men' until 3/4's of the way through it when he just became repetitive.

I suppose he's a bit like Don, just trying to keep the bastards honest :)
Do canadians ever go outside??? Not very often. If you go next door to your neigbour you'd want to run... through -26 'c. Then, youd have to shoot them. Run through the -30'c to dig a hole for 30 mintues. Dump the body, fill it in. Whilst in the -30'c and then go home! Theres the first thing.

Second. Not all countris believe violence if the be all to end all. America does. A county, founded on extreem violence and laws written keeping in mind war and violence. Plus, add the lower class black oppresion in the county. They have to kill and rob to survive.

Theirs many answers but all I can say is Canada is very much like australia. Just so damn cold.
You know. Instead of trying to boost your post count by hinting me... just say what your thinking. With every attempt to increse your count this way... you pull further and further ahead of myself! We cant have that. Not a one horse race.
Is this site only about post counts.


America is a needed place in this world - we need somewhere to stick all the americans.
Unfortunalty i think it goes much further than just their media.

Their laws allow for different levels of advertising etc compared to our though which doesnt help.
By the end of that film I was ready to go 10 rounds in the ring with bush and his admin. What a bunch of assholes.

And people have a go at lefties for opposing Bush and America...
I saw bowling as well it's very compelling.......Really shows were the Rednecks are....The USA!
Good to hear its worth the viewing. I will get it out and have a gander. Nothing like a really good doco to point out the obviouse to the arrogent.
Ill stick it in the to watch list.

With any luck one of my friends will buy it on dvd - thats what usually happens.

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