Has anyone been to Disney World?

I am thinking of taking my wife & 3 boys over to the States in September & would appreciate any info to make the trip less stressful...........
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Wait until zap gets back from the US this sunday. Hes been to veags, NY and the like and will probably help you out with any questions.

You won't believe it but I was talking to my GF on monday about going to disneyland for a holiday some time next year. Would be a wonderful trip especially for the kids. But ive heard you need to go for a few days to see the whole place. Which is probably a really good thing.
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Disney world and Disney land are 2 different places.

Ive been to Disney land in LA, Fantastic place to take the younger kids and enough to keep the older people happy - at least for 1 day. I was 18 when i went.

LA has many amusement parks and it really depends on the age of your kids as to where to go. Teenagers would love magic mountain or any of the other big ride parks. I thought universal studios was fantastic - twice as good as warner brothers and then some.

Also if your in LA venice beach is a must. The weirdos and freaks you see on TV are really there. I have a photo somewhere with the skateboarding elvis.

Unless you want to go skiing in colorado thats the extent of my knowledge. Hope it helps.
They recommend that you spend 1 day at each park + an extra day to go back to your favourite - 7 days!
It's not the cheapest place to go but my 3 boys would have a blast!
We are heading to Hawaii for a week and then flying over to Florida to Disney World. We are then getting an RV (motorhome) to travel up the east coast to see my cousins who live in New Jersey.
Lucky I have 2 jobs............


I went to disneyland (i think.. the one in LA) and that was pretty fun! but i dont see how you can spend three days there! i only went for one (9am till 11pm admittedly) and i go to do pretty much everything i wanted to do.. but yeah, its a great place! but also highly reccomend knott's berry farm! that was uper dooper fun!


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I have been to disney world, and its better than disneyland

You need a fair bit of time with 3 young kids.

By yourself or a couple you can do it quickly however kids want to go on every single ride and several times at that.

I would say you need at least 5 days for the parks. enough to do all the parks once then go back and do just your favourite rides in each park.

We easily filled in 5 days last time i went.


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no I didnt go to Disney World on this journey, i went about 8 years ago.

Disney World is in Florida, Im doing the east coast in about 2 years I think.

This one took me to
Las Vegas
New York
San Fransisco
L.A (really aneheim)

DIsney land we did on the first night in LA, because it was open to 11 and raining so we just did most of the rides, then we did a whole day at California Adventure park and Disney land and on the final day just selected the rides we wanted to go on the most.


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Why are you sniffing your cats breath?

You'll get Fur balls!!!
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I took my three girls (then aged 8, 10 and 13) to Disneyland in 2000. It was great and three days was just right, if you are staying in Anaheim, closeby. There is so much to see and do. We went in October and as that is in their Autumn (Fall) it was a good time as the crowds in their summer are enormous! We met a DisneyWorld exec there and he said that DW was newer - a bit different but both good. Most people I know who have been to both like DW but Florida is a heck of a lot further to go to (like flying to Perth on top of getting to the US).

Disneyland is great and highly recommended to all ages. Travel agents can get three day passes - some come with airline packages and include daily transfers. In LA you can also visit Universal Studios which is a great day as well.
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All this flying. I can't wait too travel to other countries, but flying there???? Holly **** I will be packing it the whole way. :oops:

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