Happy Birthday Alt Eagles


Happy 1st Bb'day boys. Congrats to the boys who got the site up and running and who continue to do an excellent job at keeping the eagles faithfull honest. i don't contribute much but tune in nearly every day to get my fill of real eagles going ons. keep up the good work blokes. :clap: :drunk: :yeah:
Well done to all. Plus I also wonder where nodd lives. I drive past Carina Leagues every day. Thrashed them in a Semi about 3 years back. Great club.
Flip I live nearby but actually work for the leagues club and am on the juniors committee. finished playing 6 years ago so at least you didn't thrash my side. who do/did you play for. please don't say sunnybank!
Not sunnybank. BTW I know how you feel towards them.

I was 17 at the time, played up a year in A grade 18's for redlands (do I need to say they are the lorakeets! :lol: :lol: :lol: ). Would have been, 2001 I think. Played you guys, beat you, played Arana Hills and made the Grandy against Springwood. Got beaten by 2.

My Girlfriends step dad has a son who plays so next time he's at carena Ill drop in and have a beer!
love your work Byso. Flip, was at redlands(in the pen ) last saturday. this time our boys gave you a touch up- open 1 30- 16 somethinglike that. i'm usually around the club (cellerman and groundsman) so just ask at the downstairs bar for noddy- someone will point me out. :drunk:
thanks nodd. All the Hard work of all the admins, mods and all our members has paid off and we have a successful and great site.

Thanks all
Happy Birthday to all involved with A.E.We all appreciate your fantastic workIt is a great site to come to and get the real deal on what is going on with the Mighty Eagles.Keep up the good work & hopefully we have more good times not only on the site but with Eagles on the field.
Well done to all involved, this is an excellent site. It's nice to come to a forum that isn't proliferated with idle chat and endlessly mindless threads about the same topic. I just need to work on getting over my inadequacies due to my pathetically low post count. At what point do I obtain my "credibility" licence :roll:

Keep up the good work and keep it real. Let's hope Orford does the right thing by us and gives us a nice birthday present.
credibility comes the first time you hit byso with a gold comment

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