Halauafu Lavaka is on a mission to do his family proud

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By Jethro on Feb 27, 2016 at 11:43 AM
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    The Sea Eagles recruit Halauafu Lavaka is on a mission to do his family proud

    February 25, 2016 3:03pm
    Jon Geddes Manly Daily

    New recruit Halauafu Lavaka in action for the Sea Eagles last weekend.

    POWERHOUSE winger Halauafu Lavaka has a special motivation in his first season at the Sea Eagles- he wants to do his parents proud.

    The 108kg back who was released Parramatta has flown under the radar due to the arrival of the club’s other big name off-season recruits.

    But Lavaka, 22, is set to make an impact in 2016 and displayed his potential by scoring five tries in Manly’s first and reserve grade trials at Rat Park last Saturday.

    He still lives with his parents Nancy and John in Sydney’s west and travels up to 90 minutes each way to Narrabeen six days a week.

    “I see it as a small sacrifice for what my parents and my family have done for me,” Lavaka said.

    “They have been there from day one and I am grateful they are still by my side.

    “And this is only a small gift I can give back to them, showing I have a talent and not put it to waste like many have before.”

    Lavaka was contracted to Parramatta but had a talk to head coach Brad Arthur who told him the Eels had too much depth on the wings.

    Sea Eagles recruitment Scott Fulton recognised Lavaka’s talent and gave him the opportunity to join the Sea Eagles.

    “I have found it very humbling to be at Manly,” Lavaka said.

    “I pretty much came to train and trial and I guess showing through my training and my actions (head coach) Trent (Barrett) has contracted me for the season.

    “I just hope there is bigger and better things ahead.”

    Lavaka now has a single-minded determination to make his NRL debut.

    “l am here to do a job and not stand in the shadow of anyone,” he said. “At the end of the day it a business and it is a competition and I will do whatever it takes to fight for a position in the team.”

    While Tom Trbojevic and Jorge Taufua will be starting wingers, Lavaka is likely to get his chance during the season.

    Sea Eagles skipper didn’t know much about Lavaka prior to his arrival at Narrabeen.

    “He has definitely impressed me, he is a great kid and he is willing to learn,” Lyon said.

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    Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Jethro, Feb 27, 2016.

      1. swoop

        By:swoopFeb 27, 2016
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        Good to see some of our new signings eager to make it into the top side. We have a lot of backup players in the forwards and backs with the likes of Vave, Lavaka and a few others.
      2. Fluffy

        By:FluffyFeb 27, 2016
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        so much better than Hiku
      3. manlyfan76

        By:manlyfan76Feb 27, 2016
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        With our (sadly) injury prone backline there will be opportunities for all of the backs in 2016. Tom t will cover snake leading to a wing spot, DCE and Walker will play origin ( only one round) and our centres won't play 24 games each.

        It's up to players like Lavaka to grasp their opportunities when they arise.
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        • nightster

          By:nightsterFeb 29, 2016
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          I said it before a few months ago and copped *s..t* for it, but I think Jorge Taufua will need to watch his form and compete more strongly for the high ball or the kid could replace him in time .... and I'm a Jorge fan .... he needs to sharpen his attitude more ... lift his head and be on point ...
        • Briza

          By:BrizaFeb 29, 2016
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          With reports of Stewart missing rnd 1, hope he gets a shot on the wing this weekend.

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