Hagan to Eels?


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Knights board to discuss Hagan's future
November 21, 2005 - 7:39PM

Newcastle coach Michael Hagan is set to discuss his future with the club over the next 48 hours with rumours linking him to Parramatta in 2007.

Hagan has one year remaining on his contract at the Knights after enduring a horror 2004 season.

The Knights won the wooden spoon for the first time in the club's history and he quit as coach of the Queensland State of Origin team after losing the series 2-1 to NSW.

But Hagan is being hunted by Eels chief executive Denis Fitzgerald, according to the Nine Network.

The Eels last week announced coach Brian Smith's services would not be required when his contract ends next year and are already looking for a replacement.

Hagan has denied talking with the Eels but chairman Mike Tyler says the board will discuss the matter and resolve the situation quickly.

"We don't really know what Hages thoughts are as far as his own future is concerned," Tyler told Nine.

"We have not had the chance to sit down and talk about it so all will be revealed in the near future."


Kim Jong Dan
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A good move by Parra. Could Manly gazump them?

i doubt it des is there to stay and tooves is soon to follow


Kim Jong Dan
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well if Dessie can over achieve surely Tooves can too

The Wheel

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As long as Lyon doesn't see it as his opportunity to go back to Parra with Smith going


Kim Jong Dan
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[quote author=Daniel]
well if Dessie can over achieve surely Tooves can too

Well PL did have some cricket scores put on them so I guess you're right :wall:

yeah but remember PL hardly had a decent player in the ranks


Journey Man
Whilst it's great that Premier League does well, I don't really care if 1st grade is crap.


I wouldn't want to coach Parra at the moment.

The players that were in the team in 2001 and 2005 will be mentally scarred about the losses they suffered in the finals and I don't think that they will recover mentally. They need a big change in personell now and it will take them a few years to become a serious contender again..

They will also know in a couple of weeks if hindmarsh needs a knee reconstruction and if he does then it is bye bye Parra for 2006. They had a pretty good run in 2005 with injuries and are overdue next year for some serious ones. Hindmarsh could be the first.

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