Habib to be released

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Mamdouh Habib will be released from Guantanamo Bay after 3 years of detention.

Heard his law-talking-guy say on Sky News that there was a US court order recently compelling the military to release any documents and evidence they have on Habib under "discovery". Now they come out with the "no charges to be laid" line.... seems that there was never any evidence against the man in the first place.

I can see a HUGE compensation claim against the US Government and rightly so!

Australian Mamdouh Habib will be released from the United States's prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, without charge.

The US has told the Australian Government it does not intend to bring charges against Mr Habib, who has been at Guantanamo Bay since 2002.

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock says there is no timetable for his repatriation.

<a href='http://www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200501/s1280289.htm' target='_blank'>Source</a>
Not under their new anti terror laws.

The united states has a history of biting its thumb at the UN I dont think they care anymore and I have a strong feeling we will see another world war 3 and genocide sooner or later, especially after just visiting their and seeing how naive and self involved they are as a nation
Under their anti-terror laws, true but thats not International law - and this is international. Hence illegal.

I can ask Hopium for a full write up if anyone would like, she would have a good idea since its come up time and time again at uni.

I dont know about WW3, i see the US pissing off too much of Europe and getting bullied into submission eventually. What the extremists dont realise is that everytime they attack places like bali, spain etc that brings them all back together again and so the cycle begins.

I know france and germany havnt been completely happy pulically with the US over recent years.
Not under their new anti terror laws.

The united states has a history of biting its thumb at the UN I dont think they care anymore and I have a strong feeling we will see another world war 3 and genocide sooner or later, especially after just visiting their and seeing how naive and self involved they are as a nation
:shock: You're not becoming a zealot are you?
Fluff, I'm not convinced that the US will alow itself to be bullied.

If the hard right keeps up its support for Israel ....................
I say inclings to that extent before iraq etc.

Israel and palestine are going to cause many problems for years to come. Neither side is in the right there.

I berlin style wall is whats needed for a generation or 2 then things can start to be settled.
The wall is being built against the wishes of the UN. I dare say the USA will end up saying it should be built.

Watch this space. (But of course there's nothing happening here that wasn't mentioned 4000 years ago in a document that you think is a piece of ****) :p
I think its a ****ing disgrace to man kind too keep anybody locked up in a prison of that nature. Im not saying these men have done some nice things (many havn't even had charges layed against them) but america have a way of contradicting everything the blow up other countries about.

If you lock a man in that prison for years without laying charge, expect them to come out looking for revenge.
Flipper the worst of it is that many of them simply fought for their country in their own country. Many of them fought because their government made them.

So they get locked up in a prison. Some things the US does is absolutely disgraceful
And its usually fighting the yanks because they've invade their home and are trying to topple the government they lived under for 1000's of years.

What we'll do is fly our planes into the country and start an initial bombing raid. We can tell the media we are hitting wepons factories and if they find out there not we'll tell them a missile went astray and **** happens. Then we'll move the troops in and shoot anything that moves. Women, children who gives a ****. Cause god loves america people. Then... if the men resist and try to stop us destroying their country we can arrest them in their country using our laws and chuck them in prision in our country. Yeah... what a plan.
Good summary.

Thats why aussies in veitnam were no where near the yanks. wanted nothing to do with them.

No if Howards can get out of bed with bush for a while we might be able to put some space between us and them which can only do us good.
Agreed. Thats my biggest grip with the Australian government. I beleive australia should be the world leader in a push for real peace. Not ass sucking George Bush while he trys to blow up everything he doesn't like.

The problem is, both governments would have done the same thing. Very, very sad really.
but the US are the greatest christian country on earth, I wonder why they dont act like it
Because america attached their "constitution" to their cristianity. It involves Having the right to bare arms.

They believe in their christianity. Their prinicpals are relatied to their religion but at the same time they have their constitutional rights which are very violent.

Mix religion and violence toghether and what do you get. A country who isn't affraid to invade another for any reason thinkable.
ok so you all missed that one, never mind

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