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Guttered and shattered all in one

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by winnyason, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. winnyason

    winnyason Well-Known Member

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    This is my first post many know of me on LU, I am a eagles nut 33 years old, i have never been so upset as i am now. I was ready to sign up for membership for 2012 with my 2 and 3 year old kids and mrs but i don't even know what our team will look like next season.

    I have seen them through the good period of the 1990's where we made the finals every year until 1999 where 3 grand finals appearances and one title was won the superleague war killed our club, we lost slowly ridge, roberts, cunningham while we lost the money to compete and had to merge with norths as we all know went belly up around 2002, this is where des and slowly rebuilt the club year by year we keep the good players watmough, king, menzies developed good young talents to stars matai, the stewart boys, matt ballin along with a mix of journeymen like mick monaghan, ox, chris hicks, shane rodney and josh perry along with a few marquee signing in ben kennedy and killer.

    Along the way any kid we have developed in house we have keep except hopa, this years squad is the hard work of around 4 to 5 years with the likes of foran, DCE, Buhrer, Darcy Lussick, vic munro, T rex,Oldfield and hopa success does not happen overnight. The 8 or 9 years of hard work with the way the salary cap works. The idiots on the board can undo this with 6 months of rubbish.

    I was there the day in 2006 we beat the storm at brookie a young matai debuted and snake outplayed slater and thought a title was on the way in the next few years, i am totally gutted that all this will be out the window.

    We will rebuild, no doubt toovs must be the coach we already know crusher is going as well we need a recruitment officer i would like to throw up a smokie given the work he does in the bush is ronnie gibbs. Hope Kelly egan stays on board, beaver or cliffy not sure very laid back. Blakey has good record with marlins and wallabies he would be fantastic.
    The get out clause rubbish to me this is how i see it, manly won't let him go early given this here is some possible scenarios.
    *given the bulldogs roster the 2 players we may lose could be killer and foran (the later must not happen).
    *Given killer age 29 and he would be 30 by 2013 would he be attractive option with his crusher clause he has and the way greenberg had put broom through ryan, patten, el masri.
    *With benny barba at the back highly unlikely the stewart boys will end up at dogs. However the dragons may come into the picture given they are local lads from there.
    *Choc is a possiblity but given that they have pritchard and eastwood along with stagg a maybe not.
    *Foran is the big problem, we know the dogs 6 is a dud in keating i would imagine a contract top up may be on the cards once he is back from 4 nations tour.

    Onto Des while every one is on the it is the board's fault will he actions in my opinion have left a bitter taste in everyone mouth the timing WE WON A GRAND FINAL. While i have always be a dessie man his actions have left me wondering if he has the players and fans best interests at heart. That said the infighting was enough for dessie look at it ex owner on leagues club in delmerge then the penns and quantums then all the pelicans on the board like Melinda gainsford taylor. To me there is not many people with no football knowledge.

    Then onto club of parasites the dogs if i hear todd greenberg quote it is a commerical and professional workplace i may put my fist on his chin. What goes around comes around scum, on facebook and other forums i am sick of the wow i will take foran well let's swap will can have SBW contract now. The dogs think a magic spell and walah you have a nrl title. A few things to note
    *It took crusher 9 years to develop the kids he has through our system, it does not happen overnight, a parra it was quick because of the mega talent at team in 2001.
    *Until Bk turned up it could be argued there was not much believe in our team, so he has as much to do with turn around than des if not more players like snake, gifty and choc got believe out of bk.

    We are still nrl champs, and still have the team to do back to back.

    But please idoiot board appoint toovey this week.
  2. Duff

    Duff Well-Known Member

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    • mozgrame

      mozgrame Well-Known Member

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      Welcome winnyason. Mate, i'll be honest...i didn't read your entire post as it's late and i've sunk a few. I will finish with a slight pun on the title of your thread and comment that although not guttered or shattered, i do recall a story of a certain bulldogs player who was caught after having shat in a gutter. This is not a go at you winnyason. As previously stated, i am a bit pissed and i may well have picked up a concussion after falling cross eyed off my chair and hitting my head on a waste recepticle during a failed attempt to decipher a previous thread.
      Once again, welcome winnyason. Enjoy your evening.
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      • abnc

        abnc Member

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        Wow, long post to get a simple point across. We need a change in the board for a fresh start, or for them to start pulling their heads in a little.

        But we have been down this road many times before. And i'm sure a lot of other clubs go through this as well at some point. Boards don't win you titles, the coach and team does. If we keep the nucleus of our team together, we will be fine. If Toovs is appointed coach, we might just be able to stem the flow of the exodus to a few players. That will go a long way to keeping us at the top with the guys that are coming through.

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