Griffith Storm v Parra game


There is a trial to be played this week between Parramatta and Melbourne in Griffith and I just thought you guys might be interested to hear where the majority of the profits from the game are going to....Aussie Rules and netball!
Group 20 was unable to afford to put on the game (or atleast that's what they claim) and it was organised through the Griffith Ex-Servicemens Club in conjunction with the Griffith Swans Aussie Rules Club with the game set to benefit a number of sports.
Due to a bitch fight the rugby league was allowed to run some BBQs etc. to raise funds but their input is very minimal.
Either way it is good that league is being brought out to the bush and you can't blame the Exies for taking advantage but I think it is extremely funny (not a good 'funny') that the game will be benefiting mostly other sports, the main one being Aussie Rules...says a bit about the state of league out here- plenty want to watch it but it's still being run into the ground.


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You should put the feedback through on the official NRL site. Let Gallop know about it....put it in those exact words dude !!!

Appaulling state of affairs...

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The Manly game in Taree was cancelled as the locals weren't able to provide the backing.

YOu would think the NRL or CRL would at least use some funds to back the games. They get big crowds and the interest/publicity factor is huge.

League is facing big competition from other codes and must do all they can.

I also note that the Dogs and Sharks are playing in Ulladulla this weekend.


Yeah- personally i would rather watch a game a Brookie as the Exies is a ****ty oval but for the thousands of ppl who can't make it down this is the best they get!
It is also an opportunity to showcase the game which is good too, so I don't want to bitch too just seems bloody ridiculous that the NRL are turning a blind eye to the situation....surely if other codes have to host a game there is a problem!
Are you sure its Parramatta vs Storm as they played a trial match in Ballina on 11 Feb (just seems strange they would play each other again)
Seems doubly strange when you consider Fitzgeralds comments about the Storm's place in the NRL and he was even quoted after the 1st trial (where the Storm were penalised for grapple tackles) that he was not surprised they had not heard about the crackdown as they were not part of mainstream rugby league


Yeah - I hope they smash Parra and injure as many players as possible...not a noice thing to say but ...I hate Parramatta(the city...if u call it that), their CEO, their players, their home ground and most importantly their supporters!
Nothing made me happier when they got absolutely smashed by the Cowboys last year and choked....AGAIN...I've got free tickets but will be giving them away- can think of nothing worse than watching a 1/3 of a game because u can't see anything!

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