Great Day at the Footy

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The AE boys were out in force at Fortress Brookie this Sunday and appearances from Matabele, Flipper and Theresa added greatly to the great win that the Sea Eagles ground out in the last 20 mins. The Fluffy factor did the trick again and a Saturday night out, Brekky at the club, with all three grades scoring many points in front of the JM stand all proved fabulous. It is no coincidence that the miraculous comebacks in both Flegg and 1st Grade saw all the tries scored in front of us.

Credit to Mata and Danny for trying to rev up the crowd (who were totally silent) when we were in the depths of despair at 6- 26 and the fair-weather supporters headed for the gates!!

More reports on this great weekend to come! Flipper and Matabele have undefeated records at Brookie too! Both are talking about another trip this season some time! Great to have you there lads.


Kim Jong Dan
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2 things

1 - "on the dole on the dole on thedole chant was all duff but i took it up with gusto.

2- It's anastasia, not theresa :D


Kim Jong Dan
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standing at the exit singing "its a long way home to penroooooof" was great fun, Anastasia (theresa) and Flip were a great assett in that one too.

owwwww my head and I smell like a turkish smoke salon on a rather hot day right now!


Reserve Grader
Gah, couldn't make it!

Had a ****house night last night, woke up pissed off..

Couldn't find Corso_Pete's phone number, phone is away getting fixed by Optus. (I get a lift with him most games)

Went back to sleep and waiting untill 4.

Regretting big time not going...


could not believe how loud the crowd was towards tyhe end, especially when Stewey scored. amazing,


Winging it
The afternoon will go down as an absolute classic. Manly's greatest ever comeback, warm rays, great friendship mixed with the usual BS and an inspiring set of chants from the AE crew to get the boys home. It doesn't get better than that!

Canteen Worker

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Important to note that the AE crowd started the chants at 26 - 6 and tried to lift the team. The totally muted crowd didn't make a peep until momentum had well and truly swung! They scored all the points at our end - AE power strikes again.

(Deluding our selves of course but it is fun to think we had a part in stirring up the dead crowd and getting the boys over the line!!)


Winging it
Watmough said it was the crowd that got them going and AE did just that. Des, we need a private box to keep up the great work.


First Grader
Well done lads it's a shame I missed the carve ups. As I was taking the photos.

I hope someone yelled out "YOUR A JOKE PANTHERS"


Reserve Grader
Yesterday was an awesome Brookvale day.I have been going to Brookie for alot of years now,i was there that friday night in 1997 when we came back from 18-0 down against the Rorter's...That try Graig Innes scored from the kick that Andrew Walker smacked right into Nik Kosef's head brought the house down that night..And the fend he put on Sing was a beautiful thing..Just like Brett's try yesterday..Go THE MIGHTY SEA EAGLES....Love the sunday afternoons at Brookie.I am really looking foward to friday nights trip to Aussie Stadium..Cant wait..
It was a great day at the footy yesterday. Our biggest comeback in our history, 10 straight wins at home and all three games one.

Watmough was amazing. 29 tackles, 2 line breaks and he made 162 metres off just 17 hit ups and 4 dummy half runs.

Witt was also outstanding, two tries and his 6 goals led to an amazing 20 point haul, in his debut year for the club. He is an awesome defender and is particularly hard to stop close to the line.

Although Monaghan was a bit scratchy in his performance he made two important line breaks, the first one was a spectacular run through the Panthers line which led to him assisting Witt in going under the posts. It was our first try and came at a crucial time. He also scored a try, similar in Witt's as he terrorized the Panthers defense on their tryline. This try was also crucial and was apart of our fightback. Monaghan stats read 86 metres off just 8 runs, 2 line breaks. He, like Witt is also a magnificient defender for a halfback.

Overall, that comeback was a great team performance. We didn't have any luck but we showed amazing determination and skill to get back into the game, they should also count themselves lucky because Simpkins was a goose. He's been copping it lately but it's all justified.

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