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Grant Goldman

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

    +2,125 /14
    How good was he tonight

    when Choc scored he yelled CHOC ROX when he made the break

    Grant Goldman - “We are going up to the video ref Where ever that is “

    Grant Goldman - “A reminder to fans leaving as to keep your noise down & btw hello to all the local residents”
  2. MadMarcus

    MadMarcus Local Lunatic 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +8,383 /74
    After the game he said he can't wait to talk about the game on 2sm for the whole time from 5 to 9 tomorrow, and that yes he was broadcasting into Newcastle...

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