Grand Final Road Trip the post mortem

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Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
So much to cover so lets go from the start

Saturday 6ish Pick up Spook from Train Station and mossy from his house and head to sydney. Nothing too exciting we prolly left a little early we got to sydney at 3:45am so we decided to go to the cross.


Spooky trolling the cross for homeless people and trannys to root


The Taxi Club home of Many trannys and their friends had to keep spooky from leaving the car here


The Toolshed another one of spookys fav places


Out the front of the Bourbon we got a call from Punter Ponting to help him out he had got himself in to a blue :mrgreen:

We then drove to gods country and after a quick drive we went to have a sleep in the car park of manly leagues before going to dee why beach to get changed and freshen up a bit before meeting up with some boys at the leagues club for breakfast and to start drinking at 9:30am.

The beers were flowing and soon the bourbons were too as me and mossy were in fine form, spook was trying to troll the leagues club for roots while mossy was hitting on some granny who just won $400 on the pokies.

By this stage it was time to depart for the game and we took a 4pac of beam blacks for the road and decided to ring some mates on the way (Ray Hadley and Daryl Brohman)

The call went like this

Cliffy : Hey there Bigman, we've driven down from the coast for the game and wanna go to the vinyl room after the game.

Daryl : There could be some problems the vinyl room is only open fridays and saturdays but if you ring up and mention me they will open it for you and your mates. (bozo at this point laughs and starts taking the piss out of the bigman.)

Cliffy: Excuse me daryl could i ask you a question whos the best open line caller you have to day and why am i?

At this point Blocker, Ray, Dazza and robbie are pissin emselves and blocker ask is we;ve been on the drink and when i say we;ve been on it since 9:30am they laugh and blocker says he doubts we will make it to the game.... bad call blocker???

We get to the ground and cam and mossy are in fine form while spooky is mellowing out if you know what i mean.




We then proceed to the pub out side the ground and have a few more and perv on all the tigs and cows fans with nice melons [:p]

At this point we decide its too dear so rather smashed at 2:30 we decided to enter the ground and sober up.

We get to our seats and what great seats they were and the talent was great and im talkin off the field.




Paris hilton at the game

By Premier league a the sun had got the better of a few of us and dam spook with the camera



Just resting my eyes honest

Then we got to the pregame which i though wasnt that bad







Then it was time for Action





go the tigs




At this point we made the trek home spooky took the wrong turn and we went through tigers land and past the leagues club and the atmosphere was awesome can also say tigs female fans are primo indeed.

It took us 15 hours to get home after a few sleep stops at newcastle, mclean and port.

But it would have to go down as one of the funniest trips ever spooky is insane, i ran amok and mossy the AFL boy loved his first ever league game.

There will be more of these in 2006.


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
also Mata Captain whingealot was sitting 4 rows behind us. Im glad i sobered up when i saw him or i would have got myself in trouble.


Journey Man
I didn't realise that Spook was into Trannys. I just though he had a thing for Wally Lewis.

Glad to hear Moana was there. That's the closest he'll ever get to Grand Final action.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
did you name the car the "tool box"

just kidding, looks like a good weekend away!

The Wheel
Premium Member
Nice report Cliffy looks as though you had a great trip, who was sober enough to drive back to Qld though??

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