Grand Final Entertainment (AKA: 'The SSM Debate Thread')

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It is a tough one how you respect religious beliefs at the same stage as educating children.
A question for the religious among us. How do you feel about the Big Bang etc being taught in schools vs creation?


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Nice deflection. The issue here is freedom - freedom to live one's life according to one's beliefs. Which of course the marxist left can never abide. Open your eyes.
I can understand the freedom angle but what about something like creation which contrasts with religious beliefs? I am not sure we have cracked the right way to address the issue but I believe it does need to be addressed


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No its doesn't. In a free world, people are entitled to their beliefs. That's what freedom is - not being told by someone else what they should believe, or else.
And that is where we disagree as I believe there are times a common good has to come first over individual freedoms
Still don't get why there is a pressing need to change/add to the definition of marriage and change tradition of how many years on the basis of "equality" when you can have equality as it is now in the eyes of the law.

To me it comes across more as hatred or war against traditional roots, breaking down the religious Holy Matrimony links to marriage under the more palatable reasons of "equality"

In all seriousness we are changing a definition so that less than 10% of the population(being very very generous) more like 1.5-5% are included, which to me also suggests more sinister global reasons behind it.

Chip and Chase

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What I don't understand is all this sanctimonious bluster about the tradition and core values of "marriages". About a third of marriages end in divorce so clearly those entering into these traditional marriages don't see them as a "death do us part" scenario or a core societal building block arrangement.
Global marxism - dedicated to destroying the traditional family structure/patriarchy (read white male hetrosexuals) as the basis for a new world order where people are completely and utterly subservient to the state. Global warming (ie wealth transfer through climate taxation and higher energy costs), multi culturalism, anti-catholicism, gender diversity, marriage equality are all means to an end. The destruction of the traditional family as the central unit of societal organisation.
So i guess you watch a bit of YouTube huh?

Does come across as always blaming the left though and looking at things through a red pill "too much education" can and will confuse and distract you mindset.

I do believe the Govt holds back and drip feeds technological advances----but this could also be a good thing giving people time to adjust/ reeducate and change without too much financial loss/sacrifice.

I don't see higher energy costs into the not so distant future, places like Germany are benefiting big time by having a mixed approach to energy supplies. Even the use of solar and battery storage is coming on strong that will place downward pressure on prices eventually.(i also believe we are being drip fed in this area)

Global warming is fact but all we can do is slow the progress down not stop it---(it is promoted like we can stop Global Warming which i believe is agenda based)

If the Elites are so ahead/advanced and knowledgeable why wait to ramp up their control theories over the masses at a time when people are becoming more informed through the internet.(There must be the good fight at the same level preventing this)

And this silly "our right to arms" approach Americans have to defend themselves against the Govt--- piss weak arms compared to what the Govt has at it's disposal are useless in that regard.

I do agree though there is a big agenda driven campaign trying to kill traditional belief systems with the aim of a one world order but not as clear cut as you make it.

Yes 9/11 was an inside job.
What I don't understand is all this sanctimonious bluster about the tradition and core values of "marriages". About a third of marriages end in divorce so clearly those entering into these traditional marriages don't see them as a "death do us part" scenario or a core societal building block arrangement.
So two thirds or a touch under last long term----the traditional core values of marriage offer a "what is probably best" platform/structure to aim for, without it i doubt there would be much stability in the family environment worthy of raising a family.

Without these core values humans would have too easily fell victim to the "the grass is greener on the other side" mindset driven by selfishness, curiosity and animal instincts.

Do we want to be overly dictated by instincts(not changing/evolving much from animals) or differentiate ourselves at a more elevated level from animals.


There is no A.I. Just better computers
So how bad are things now that the marriage act has been changed?
Oh nothing has changed for the average person.

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Anybody 'mature' enough to remember the wonderful entertainment from the talented Indigenous (PC) bloke who'd throw a boomerang through the goal posts at Brookie Oval?

Great entertainment, I miss those days,
Life was easier.

Yes, that was a different world. Great days.

P.S. That's not him.

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