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UFO Hunter
Im not going to harp on too much but I could think of a certain half who on 'form' should have been removed before this bloke. Sad to see really. I wonder when the NRL will see the benefits of having non-club coaches in charge of rep sides?


First Grader
Totally agree. I think he played well last week.

Does anyone think he didn't play well?

Bennet is a disgrace. They will win next week but he still has to go. I cant stand his attitude, his tired old ideas and team selections.


UFO Hunter
I dont doubt him as a good coach, but I doubt him as a biased one.

Anybody in QLD will know just how Anti-NSW he is and in rugby league you just dont have that liberty.


UFO Hunter
Did fulton have our side loosing by 12 points to scum (in Sydney) because of personal friendships?


AUST only played well once gower was on the field - lockyer should still be in the 17 but at fullback - he was the worlds best no 1 but not the same in the no 6.


First Grader
Staff member
I still think if the coach is going to be responsible for the team he should get to pick it. If he loses then he should be held accountable – If Australia loses the tri nations then Bennett should go, therefore if he wants to pick the broncos as the starting Australian team he should be able to (then again this argument goes to the dogs if Bennett is not held accountable for the results)


First Grader
But he doesn't want to be held accountable. Did you see him on the news last night crying about being given a hard time because they played crap?

He's a joke.


First Grader
I can sort of see his point, as soon as Australia lose something in sport we immediatly call for the coaches head. Does not matter that the other side is a better team Australia is expected to win everything.

Although Australia really should have been able to beat a NZ side missing a number of its best players and Wayne has made some strange choices, ie Waterhouse into the centres.


First Grader
Although Australia really should have been able to beat a NZ side missing a number of its best players and Wayne has made some strange choices, ie Waterhouse into the centres.

Thats the point. He did a bad job. He deserves the crap he gets.


UFO Hunter
I wouldn't have a problem with the loss if the side was picked on form and so the best possible side can run onto the field. The problem is, I see a substantial number of players making the squad when an person other then their clubs supporters could tell you how bad they are going.

The fact that I also think Bennet has a lot of say in who gets the go ahead is why I put much of the blame on him. Dont get me wrong though, their were players out there on saturday night that looked like they were going through a training run.


Reserve Grader
In my opinion when Gower came on Australia looked a much better side.He gave us much better foward penetration from dummy half.Buderus looked sluggish.We know Locky wont be dropped at all,but i agree about the coach picking the team.If the team fails then the coach is ultimately responsible.Live by the sword die by the sword.Also i agree with Bennett about the media,they try and use their influence in print and television to upset the apple cart as much as they can.


I agree with everything being said it is bull**** that gower gets dropped and lockyer keeps his spot the bloke is a joke at 5/8, gower was brilliant the other night he was our best i thought along with (i hate to say it) brent tate. The one being dropped should be bennett, has he lost the plot??

Put the worlds best fullback back to fullback bennett


bennett is a class coach - i won't be blaming him for the loss ! you win some and you lose some.

but i really disagree with how teams are picked - test jumpers should be a reward for the form players - not given out on the basis of who has done the job before. My test team would be something like this (ignoring injuries)




Reserve Grader
Bennett just guides his teams, that is not good enough. Other coaches coach their teams to beat the team they are playing. Aquote from Bennett before the game about Johns was that he said Joey was out there showing them what to do, and that he was coaching them. BULLSHT U are the coach, u tell them what to do. Thing is he just doesn't have any ideas.

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