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I see for the second year running the worl'd ugliest man has tipped us to get the wooden spoon. And then (just like last year) he covers his bases in his main article.

The excuse this time is that he tipped us for 15th before terry Hill signed.

A couple of observations:

1. Anyone who knows anything about League has known that Hill will play this year for three months at least.

2. Funny that Hill's profile (and an apparent comment from Gould on him) appear on the same page of the profile as the one where we're tipped to come last.

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The bottom line is...who really gives a stuff what the "experts" think? Their opinions mean as much as the local pisshead's in the public bar. x)
Journey Man
Most of the other League columnists in the Herald are tipping the Raiders for the spoon which I agree with.


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
They put one over the roosters and the tigers in trials. I think tigers will be stiff competition for the spoon and hard not to beat
Journey Man
The trial last night showed that they both will prove hard not to beat. Each team had good attempts at letting the opposition win. The tigers finally getting there and letting the raiders get home.
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Opinions are like arses, everyone has got one. But how anyone can rate us behind Wests & Raiders is beyond me, didn't he read the newspaper after our Leichardt Trial.
Journey Man
The bookies have us in 12th which is probably a fair assesment at this stage of the season
The player profiles weren't written by Gould, I think they were written by Greg Pritchard. Those guides are crap anyway, there aren't enough arguments to support Gould's comments and his verdicts.
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For all the bagging of the tigers,they nearly made the 8 last year and have added some reasonable players.


Kim Jong Dan
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Tipping Comp 2021
true Kiwi but they have looked decidedly unimpressive in the trials and toward the end of last year.

They just dont have it i am afraid.

They also plan on playing a style of football akin to the warriors circa 2001 -> 2002 where throwing the ball around in acrobatic displays was the name of the game.

Its great football to watch but these days discipline will get you further and forced balls just lead to intercepts and silly mistakes
Journey Man
they gained a few good players but lost 8. inckluding lots of senior players

Thats gonna hurt any fringe team

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