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the daily tele has des saying that dunely or williamson will be 18th man for knights game good to see that des has seen the light and that rose keeps his spot in the side and help the side to smash ,em tonight top 4 hear we come :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


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OK did dessie get one last night? or was it he got a lecture from Mata & Byso? This is a sensible idea, obviously got a message from someone! Go Georgie Boy! Smack it to them!


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No offence to Dunley and Williamson, as they are two capable players, but this is the best news I've heard all week :yeah:


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Williamson hopefully out. Dunley isn't giving away near as many penalties as he used to and does give us some go forward. His line defense is a little suspect but in attack is where he adds some spark. Hopefully he'll smash Johns out of the game without being sent of. Eagles to win by twelve.


Id prefer Willow. His defence will be needed more than Dunleys attack imo. He can come on and add defensive enthusiasm and can also player hooker if Monas needs a rest. In a big game 1 penalty can cost us... Dunley.. 18th man.

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We have to play to win this game - not play not to lose (if you get my drift.) Dunley gives impetus but he also leaves holes in the ruck and does do stupid things. I would have Willo!

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I Don't think it matters which one Dessie uses as long as he uses them the right way. Sticking Willow on the bench for 60 minutes or longer while there is an arm wrestle then expecting willow to come on and spark something doesn't work. Equally dunley is not the right man if you want to keep things tight. On balance i would much prefer Willow but if he is going to be wasted you may as well use Dunners even if it does mean you spend the time he is on with your heart in your mouth waiting for him to do something stupid


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I was happy to see Willo start against Parra but he didn't really do it in defence that night. I know he scored one but any fool could have run through the hole that was there. He's just to pedestrian for mine. We have the defensive cattle to lock that up, Beaver, Choc, Burns and what we need tonight is to score a few tries. Dunley can provide some additional spark. Orford needs to step up tonight.

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