Good Luck


Good luck to everyone's team tonight!!

I'm heading into the Caxton now... for a few quiet beers than grab a 6 pack and head to a mates place for a BBQ before heading back to the Caxton at about 6ish and then the short walk to suncorp to watch the big one.

My only hope (apart from the blues getting up) is that we are talking about the game and not a silly mistake or a stupid ref decision tomorrow and that all the Manly contigent get through unharmed.

The next time I venture on here will be tomorrow night and I will be sporting a great hangover :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:

If I see anyone at the Caxton or game I might have recognised through here i'll be sure to shout ya a beer!


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Mata the QLD'er, suggesting the Blues to win at Suncorp?
refer to previous threads. Too many out of form Broncos in the Qld side and NSW have a better pack. I'm staggered that Qld are favourite.


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dissemination and underdog chaser Matas :)

he is sitting up ther in Dubbo, XXXX Gold on Ice, just Got his maroon No. 7 Jumper With "MATAS" emblazoned on it back from the dry cleaners, about to put the boys through an early bath so they can be fed before the game....

So the big fella can settle back, fiddle with the rabbit ears till the picture is just right, A little fuzzy but it is QLD he goes for.

Once the kick off is on there will be deathly silence apart from the occasional gasp and groan, till unfortunately QLD triumph, and Matas turns to the Missus and says.............

"Geez Luv, good thing Monas wasn't playing!!!!" :)


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FRO! sssssshhhhhhhhhhh

Seriously though, a lot depends on the game plan. HAving superior halves doesn't count for much with no go-forward and a backline shunting sideways.

Unless Meninga has the side going straight ahead the Blues will swamp them and feed off the crumbs.


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if QLD pack holds the Blues their backs will kill us.

they dont have to dominate up front, jsut hold their own.

If the Blues pack gets on top, the forces of light will repel the evil cane toads once again.


When the QLD pack contain the blues forwards it will be up to our backs to get on top. I don't think the blues backline is that inferior to QLD's and feel that K.Gidley may have a big impact on the game.


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Just like Big Kev, I'm excited (except I'm alive). I'm going home to settle in and enjoy what should be a cracker of a game.


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because they are better basically :)

especially 6 and 7. Lockyer and Thurston are far and away all over Anasta and Mullen, Anasta is pure junk, although Mullen may end up being a goodun.

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