Going to work naked

UFO Hunter
Did anyone else happen to just leave their tele on the other night after the Origin. Walk away and come back to a television full of fat and ugly naked people?

There was this show on straight after the football with full frontal nudity. Hardly appropriate considering kiddies would probably still be sitting around thinking about the game. :doh:


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Yeah I put it on and waited to see how long it took everyone else in the room to realise what we were watching......10 minutes!
UFO Hunter
BTW - Is all you ever think about is what kids will see??

Based on two accounts of me saying it?

Its just what you think when a show about nudity comes on straight after a game of football that children watch.
I'd assume if you were a parent they would be into bed after the football.. it would have been like 10pm and they have school the next day.

It's a stupid program to have on at anytime really (unless they were good looking) but I think even if they did get a glimpse who really cares.. they are nude people.. they aren't doing anything inappropriate (i didn't see the program though) they will have seen someone naked before and will plenty more times in their life.
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Agreed. Ignoring the fact that you had just finished letting them watch how much homoerotic gladiatorial violence portrayed as "sport"? :)

Was the problem that they were fat and ugly (as opposed to naked) or is the problem that you've become a seppo yank who believes that anything that involves "skin" is wrong, wrong, wrong?

There's about 50-50 sarcasm above, though I'm not quite sure which is which...
Journey Man
What happpened to the days when the Origin was followed by sports bloopers? Oh, that's right. Hayne had done enough of that in the lead-up. :yeah:

I saw the first two minutes and switched over to Movie One to see Aslan conquer Narnia. However my boss was telling me all about it yesterday and said the naked church was priceless. 8|
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A few people on this site would have Haynes handy work that cost NSW the game in a Highlights package.
:lol: you guys are dickheads... this thread has sweet stuff all to do with the Origin and the agenda your trying to push.

BTTT - I think if kids watched shows like that they could probably be more comfortable with nudity and perhaps it will give them more confidence in being comfortable in their own skin and wouldn't lead to teenage girls being anorexic etc.
Journey Man
Perhaps Nutz also giving up his porn addiction might assist in stopping the proliferation of unrealistic expectations of the perfect female form that breeds anorexia too.
What are you saying Matas? Not all women are like what you see in pornos? My wife Hootie McBoob and I are shocked that there could be this parallel universe (Gday Dan) out there!!


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