God Botherer debate -> Should Christians Eat Pork

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Kim Jong Dan
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Once again I will state my stance.

Christians should not eat pork as it is in actuality against their religion.

Bible states they shouldn't nuff said
was brought up in a fairly strict Catholic family but as fair as sticking to the rules by the book -they eventually fall by the way side when modern conventions get mixed in to the churches teachings.
I spoke to a Catholic priest the other day in an interview and asked him what I thought would be a couple of curly ones...
Q) Don't you think the new pope is a bit too conservative and pretty much the same as the last one?
A)Yes but he will die soon anyway (off the record) ...It was disappointing that they didn't appoint a South American one because they are forward thinking and extremely passionate about their religion.

Q) On the topic of conservatism- what about the catholics stance on contraception, don't you think it is a bit backwards?
A) Yes for sure but that is a view endorsed by the previous pope and the one now, not necessarily all Catholics.

Q) So you mean you would go against the teachings of the church by OKing contraception.
A) By all means yes, it's commonsense, being a good Catholic is not about vigorously following some outdated teachings it is about being a good person more so.
A group of Catholic nuns in Africa hand out thousands of condoms to the people there. Africa is still in the midst of a serious aids epidemic do you think they would be banished from the church for doing that- no, their efforts are applauded by most level headed Catholics.

I would just like to add that I am not religous in the slightest and think that the one I got brought up on is one of the biggest crocks of ****.
Solve world poverty= sell the vatican and all it's treasures
I eat Pork and I am a Christian! End of argument.

Danny is trying to wind up some dispute - get the Mata boy to argue this one on Saturday night after a few beers!! Should ensure an early night and a lot of sleep!!!
yes you can be a christian and eat prok....but is it in line with the correct teachings of the bible and that which the entire religion is based on?
It's an interesting debate.

Dan, all catholics like "pork on there fork" why do you think they have such large families! :)
Dan - I could quote several verses for either side of the argument. Does this mean the bible is contradictory?

Or does it mean that there is an inherent problem with reading it literally without historical context.

Anyways, this is an argument that can't be had over the internet and it gets repetitive to be constantly referred to as a fish in a barrell.

If you seriously want to debate this, I'm your huckleberry this weekend.

If you're **** stirring as I suspect, then we'll talk about the football or the weather or our respective medications for having an overheated brain. :D
BTW, i have cleared the balcony for you to sleep on :D

J/K my mate has to use his swag so i am going up to my parents tonight or saturday arvo to get a camp bed for you to sleep on instead
matas it may come in handy unless you want to shiver :D
My response would be:

Q) Don't you think the new pope is a bit too conservative and pretty much the same as the last one?
I agree with you. But don't look for God in what man has corrupted. Jesus was killed by the established church of his day.
I hope Mata has bacon for breakfast, ham sandwiches and pork for dinner.

This is a 'porky' debate and Daniel is trying to stir the masses. Exposition and exegesis are needed in using the passages you are quoting.

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