Glenn Stewart Re-signs till 2010


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Good. Hope he got a decent packet because he'll be in our 1sts for a while to come. Great player.


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Excellent news as he can only get better. He'll be very good for us. I guess this means we have Brett till then as well.

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This is good news as he will get better. To have two Stewarts signed up long term is great.

How good is his brother and he is stll a 'whippet!!'


as long as the long term contract doesnt relax him!

great news none the less, he certainly has come of age this season.


Winging it
I think Brett re-signed to 2010. Glen has really delivered the goods this year. Bulked up and has been inspirational.

This confirms the club strategy of sticking with good players and committing them long term and looking for only one or two major recruitments per year.

I have to take my hat off to the plan because it is definitely delivering. Whilst most clubs have seen a major turnover of personnel Manly has stuck to those they have faith in and the results are on the board.
:clap: :clap: :clap:


Great news.

Who else is off contract?
Kite, Dunley, Burns, Matai? Williamson? Hicks? Robertson? Watmough? Can anybody add to or remove those from my list?


UFO Hunter
Someone said talking with Cummings or Zorba that Kite had re-signed already but it hadn't been released.

I'm pretty sure Bell has a 1 year option on his contract.

I think williamson's contract is probably pending O'Donnell's Signature.

And I'm pretty sure Watmough extended his contract last year.


Journey Man
i think it was that Kite has a 1 year option and has taken it for next year

I dont think he is going anywhere - there is good money here the club is going places and is treating him and his family well.


Not sure about the option with Bell but he definitely signed for 3.

Found out Matai signed for 2 last year so I can take him off my list.

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