Glass half full people


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Where are you all now?

Still exulting in how wonderful our team is?

Don't let the blood rush to your head as you try to bury it further into the ground. :naughty: :naughty:


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Where are you all now?

Still exulting in how wonderful our team is?

Don't let the blood rush to your head as you try to bury it further into the ground. :naughty: :naughty:

Mata I think the point is that even with the addition of Orford and Bell there are still a lack of forwards.

sue and yourself have always argued Orford would be amazing behind our 'origin standard' forward pack. Unfortunately our front row are more deserved of a Jim Beam Cup jersey other than an origin one.

Hill, Witt, Randall, King, Donald all beyond pathetic today.

Hill - replaced with Bell

Witt - replaced with Orford

Randall - ..........

King - ............

Donald - .............

Are we going to be any better next year?

I would be picking this team after the bye, permitting everyone is fit.

1. Stewart
2. Taylor
3. Alberts
4. Matai
5. Hicks
6. Monaghan
7. Burns
8. Kite
9. Williamson
10. Heckenburg
12. Watmough
13. Kennedy

14. Dunley
15. Leuluai
16. Bryant
17. TBA..........

IMO we need to look towards next year, and in that team Taylor over Donald, Monaghan at 5/8 and Harris gone are all happening for next year.


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Lets rekindle the "save the monnas" embargo now.

I now have my weekends back!


Journey Man
Blunty - those premier league players were rank today as well dude, as much as I hate it.
the word origin was used because three of them played origin.more than almost any club.what standard do you use blunty.

the same imposters stand up for king and monaghan every the game or shut the **** up.


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The glass got knocked over and what ever was left in it has now been irretrievably lost for 2005.

There are no excuses and certainly no head in sand attitude. The poor performances of the last 5-6 weeks culminated today with by far our worst game in over 12 months.

We were bad across the park, there can be no excuses. I just don't undertsand how we actually led the compitition and have been in the top 4 all season.


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corso i asked myself the same thing mate,what were the other teams doing for the first half of the season.


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Watmough, Kennedy, Kite, Menzies, Stewart.

The rest let us down week in, week out. Those players my friends can hold their heads high and say for 17 rounds of a season we held manly in the top 4.


im glad you guys love being right even though we watch Manly get beat over and over....

Enjoy Orford.. we let go of quite a few players for him.. We wont win **** with Orford.. he wil have the same problem as he has at Melbourne.. A GO FORWARD.

We should of went out of our way to pick up Bailey.. or Mason.. or O'hara.

We need a prop who can get us metres. Kearns or Simms id go after. But we cant as were going to pay Orford.

Our centres were abysimal today.. Donald was beyond a joke.

Monas had a mixed bag.. but hes down on confidence. BK also had one of his worse games for us.

We really really really miss Watmough. We also miss INTENSITY and AGGRESSION in defence..
4 players ahave played origin in the last 12 the days of the cap how many do we have to have before we ask questions of the playmakers and overall ticker..i agree though.we have the worst front rowers in the comp, undeniably the worst centres till alberts had a run and absolutely the worst halves by a country mile..not a good combination.


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kaZa we dont enjoy being right when it means this kind of crap for manly we would prefer to be wrong if it meant we would see the form we had at the start of the year.
"centres were abysmal"-alberts was best on park for us according to just about everyone while captain courageous was spotted half an hour ago still throwing dummies to cabdrivers on pittwater road.another tidbit from the're good and only getting btter.


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I'm not going to get in an argument with you because it is pretty obvious I am only going to lose, but how about instead of bagging every player on the Manly roster you give us an alternative which is legitimate within the rules of the NRL for 2006.


Kim Jong Dan
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Bryant for King
Burns for Witt
Orford for Monas
Dunley for Randall
Taylor for Donald

Any others you want me to offer?


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I'm not bagging every player. But there are three who should never be in 1st again - King, Donald, Randall.

Why we're letting Harris go ahead of that useless patsy is completely beyond me.

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