Gilly walks... but he wasn't out!


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Gilly walks... but he wasn't out!

Australian captain Ricky Ponting has no plans to pressure his deputy Adam Gilchrist into scrapping his walking policy despite the star opener giving himself out caught having missed the ball.

Gilchrist stunned his captain and batting partner when he headed to the pavilion after a delivery from Bangladesh's Tapash Baisya flew to first slip, where Khaled Mahmud caught the ball during Australia's six-wicket one-day win in Canterbury.

Although Gilchrist's honest intentions to put responsibility back on players is admirable, television replays confirmed he got this decision wrong.

The ball hit a footmark on the wicket and ballooned to slip, and the only thing Gilchrist's bat made contact with was the pitch.

Umpire Jeremy Lloyds did not have to raise his finger, although Lloyds told Ponting he thought Gilchrist, then on 45, had got an edge


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Gilly walks... but he wasn't out!

Could have sworn we had a forum for Cricket stuff :)

yeah I saw it last night and I thought he hit it, wasnt till it slowed right down that you could tell he missed it.

Good on him, thought he hit it so he walked, got this one wrong though but thats beside the point.

shows how difficult an umpires job can be, if a player thinks hes hit it and is mistaken, its a lot harder for the ump at the other end.


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Gilly walks... but he wasn't out!

He's a bloody fool I dont agree with walking. Leave the decisions to the bloody umpires and video replays!


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Gilly walks... but he wasn't out!

I dont mind people not walking as long as they dont complain when they get a rough one, if they are taking advantage of an umpiring error to remain not out, they cant whine when they are disadvantaged


Gilly walks... but he wasn't out!

He's a fool but atleast I got a couple of extra hours sleep. As soon as the Gilly show finished I couldn't see too much more excitment being generated in the chase and judging by the final runrate I was right!


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Gilly walks... but he wasn't out!

Walking is such a stupid thing to do, plenty of times you get given out from a dubious decision, you have to allow there to be at least a get square. It's a professional sport after all, results do matter.


Gilly walks... but he wasn't out!

Good on him for walking, just as long as he does it all the time, which it looks he will. He obviously feels guilty if he doesn't, and that would therefore hurt his game. I'll never walk mind you, but I can't see how you can criticise someone for showing top sportsmanship.

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