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Gift and Lussick whipped into shape

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by ManlyBacker, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. ManlyBacker

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    MANLY young gun Darcy Lussick is primed to return for the grand final after four weeks of torture sessions for his role in the battle of Brookvale.

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  2. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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    MANLY forwards Glenn Stewart and Darcy Lussick have emerged from three weeks of living hell to be in top shape for the grand final showdown against the Warriors on Sunday.

    The Manly Daily can reveal the pair were whipped into shape in a torturous fitness campaign by Sea Eagles head trainer Don Singe during their three-week suspensions after the controversial “Battle of Brookie” against the Melbourne Storm.

    There was nowhere to hide in the sessions at the Sea Eagles’ Narrabeen headquarters and Stewart and Lussick often became physically ill.

    Fitness guru Singe used precise data to ensure the players replicated the same effort they would use in a game.

    “Take away the excitement of actually playing the match, throw some cones and bollards out and that is what we have got,” Singe said.

    “It is 1000 times more intense - there is no ball, there is no crowd, there is just me.

    “There is no enjoyment at all.”

    The training resembled a boot camp with Singe in the role of drill sergeant, relentlessly driving the players to the very limits of their physical endurance.

    “You go out and bash them, but you can’t bash them to death,” Singe said.

    “In saying that, the two boys absolutely embraced it and weren’t looking for shortcuts.

    “If they thought they were underdone they would come looking for me. They are very good athletes.”

    As a result of that regime coach Des Hasler named Stewart in the starting side with Lussick on the bench for Sunday’s game and has no concerns about them going the distance.

    “These days players working full-time it’s something you can monitor pretty closely,” Hasler said.

    “Glenn is fairly experienced as well, he knows what is required and what it takes so that won’t be a problem for him.”

    And Hasler spoke about the value his presence would add to the team.

    “I think Glenn has probably been one of the best and most consistent performers of the NRL throughout the year,” he said.


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