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as we are going to win the gf this year here is some trivia.im pretty sure the answers are right but feel free to argue.

1.who is the only player to play in all 3 grade gfs on the same day.it was at the scg.

2.how many gfs did phil blake play in.

3.who scored twice for the knights in 2001.

4.who scored for easts in both 74 and 75.

5.last player to be sent off and when.

6.coach of souths in 69 for the greatest upset ever.

7.who captianed brisbane in 2000.

8.what was the last time a team failed to score in a gf and what was the score.

9.who scored the first try for the dogs in 95.

10.who scored the late try for the eels in 77 to set up a draw.

11.who scored the late runaway try for saints to give the dogs a bit of a scare in 1985.

12.who is the only man over 36 to play in a gf in the last 40 years and when.

13.who scored the first try in 82.

14.who kicked the goal that won the game in 99.

15.which balmain player in 1988 played in a grand final 12 years earlier.

16.who was the player who scored in both canberras wins in 89 and 90

17.who scored the second last try to basically win the game for the roosters in 2002.

18.who is the only player to be sent off in both league and union first grade finals.

19.which former manly player is the only bloke to score 2 gf hattricks,although not for manly.

20.when was the last time 2 starting halfbacks both scored in a gf.


Journey Man
2. Two (1982/3)
3. Robbie O'Davis
6. The Tigers upset Souths in '69. Do you want the Souths or Balmain Coach?
7. Gordon Tallis
8. Parramatta vs Canterbury Bankstown 4-2 in 1986. Cronulla Sutherland the last side to not score in a GF when beaten 16-0 by Manly in the replay of 1978.
9. Steven Price
12. Cliff Lyons in 1997.
14. Matt Geyer?
18. Rex 'moose' mossop
to clear up Q8 and remove ambiguity read it as such:

which team was the last team not to score a try in a gf and what was the year and score.


Kim Jong Dan
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eegad, you boys live and breath this stuff


Reserve Grader
1.Chris Guider-StGeorge 85
2.3-82-83 for Manly & 93 for Saints
4.Bill Mullins
5.Phil Sigsworth
6.Clive Churchill
8.Manly 95 17-4 cant remember if we scored a try or kick a couple of goals. Erased from my memory
10.Ed Sulkowicz
11.Steve Morris
12.Chicka Ferguson 1990
13.Kenny??? i know he bagged 2
15.Russell Gartner

Have to work on the others

Canteen Worker

First Grader
3. Ben Kennedy
4. Artie Beetson (surprisingly - you would have thought it would have been one of the speedy backs as many of them scored in the 38-0 Rout!)
13 Phil Blake scored the first try in the 82 GF from a bomb and then it was all downhill from there!
16 Chicka Ferguson scored in both Canberra's wins - saw them both live - the one in 89 was sensational as it levelled the scores once Mal converted.
17 Flannery scored the second last try and then Fletcher scored to make it embarrassing.
19 Winger Eddie Lumsden played 5 games for Manly in 1955 and then went on to star for St G, scoring hat-tricks in the 59 and 61 GFs. He also scored tries in the 57 and 58 grand finals and went on to play in nearly all of the 11 in a row!
20 Craig Wing and Stacey Jones both scored in the 2002 GF.

Good quiz Sue.

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