get a grip

realistically last week was our first bad performance since round 1-injuries and rep comittments,although not an excuse,did not help.

this comp is very even my friends.unlike many sides we have the bye up our sleeve AND 2 games against the rabbits in hand (and a tough section of the draw almost over )

we are reasonably well placed IMO.hold off on the razor blades please.


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exactly. people are saying another loss and we start to fall back from the pack. reality is the other sides up there with us will also have a loss soon so we will still be in touch.

still plenty of time in the season, and I am actually glad we have not peaked yet. We want to be hitting our straps at the end of the season not now!!!!

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We were always going to loose on the weekend - 32 is a lot better than 52


You mention that we have 2 games against the rabbits still to go as if that is 2 sure wins.

I cannot forget the last time we played them at the Staduim last year and they smashed us.

It was one of the worst feelings watching Curtis and Deadwood being trampled by the souths pack and then getting laughed at by moron souths supporters on the way out of the ground.
Nothing is sure I agree but we have 2 games where we will start 1.10 to win and playing souths twice is definitely better than palying anyone else twice.


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The Storms player roster compares to ours. imo

But we should have more depth. It's obvious to me that Bellamy is a better coach therefore more consistent results.

Sue, do you believe that Dessie is the right chap to win us a GF?


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I'd rather be in our position than that of the Eels.

Fact of the matter is, this year the second half of our draw is, on paper, easier than the first. Penrith look average too and we have 2 games against them to come. Last year it was the opposite - a soft start and a hard finish.

Our byes are perfectly placed this year. Last year our byes arrested our momentum. This year they give us respite just when we need it - in the origin period and just before the final month of finals deciding games.

I think we can assume we'll see the following back on the paddock following our bye:

Brett Stewart

That will starch us up. I reckon we should give Ballin a run at hooker or back row as he hits hard in defence and is sharp with ball in hands. He's more than a stop-gap. Let Cutbo play up front rather than idiots like Deadwood and Curtis.


will need them, hopefully buy then a few top clubs may get some Origen jitters with players out/injured

i dont think des will get us a pemiership this year -for the simple reason our roster isnt quite good enough.we are a top six side and just short of the mark in a couple of areas-depth and strikepower on the bench..outside our top 17 we have virtually nothing to offer.cuthbertson doesnt impress me,glen stewart lacks size and that really only leaves only ballin as an unknown quantity.our replacements this week really show this weakness up.

if we dont finish top six and get a chance at 2 semis the season will be dissapointing.i dont think winning the comp is realistic.


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Who purchases the players?
Do you think Dessie is the coach that will EVER win us the comp. Or will we be expecting the same excuse year after year.

"Not enough depth and strikepower" A very valid reason. But does Des have the pull power to bring more quality players without paying overs?

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