George Rose


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He is unwanted by The Roosters.

Watching him play, he is extremely unfit, gets about as much game time as Jason King, but is a lot slower.

He is very Daniel Heckenbergish in dimension to his attacking flare.

I'd say a very extremely poor buy. We would be better off with Cleal, Curtis, Bryant, Cuthbertson etc as our 2nd string props.

He is VERY over weight and immobile. His marker defence is consistently found wanting.

He DOES make decent metres in attack, I'll give him that, but his defence is atroucious. He has low missed tackles, because he honestly doesn't have the pace to be the 1st tackler in.

I'm not joking fellas. Just watch him play.


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wasnt this all gone over last week?

but yes Ryan, you are correct in what you say, too slow, too big, too lazy


the only thing in his defence is that Omeley was pretty similar build and speed when he was young, look how he has developed with NRL fitness programs.

looking forward to watching him play tonight for curiousitys sake, he is up against Ryles and Baily so will be a good test.

He doesnt have to do much to better our props performances against those two blokes.


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Mate Cleal, Curtis and Cuthbertson couldn't shine Rose's shoes for god's sake. As much as I know you love Cuthbo, the guy doesn't even make the starting lineup in PL, let alone play first grade, not to mention he is a backrower anyway.

Rose is getting picked consistently by the NSW Origin coach to play NRL, and has started the last 3 games in a row. Have a think about it mate, he has to have some talent.


We should provide replies tomorrow after we have watched him against St george tonight.


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Stuart may not have the \"luxury\" of a Cleal or Cuthbertson in his PL side. He may be playing big George out of necessity.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

To even hint that our depth is remotely close the Roosters is laughable.

Good joke though Stuey.


Stuart may not have the \"luxury\" of a Cleal or Cuthbertson in his PL side. He may be playing big George out of necessity.

easily the funniest post today, surely this is a gee up!

This is the same coach who can afford to have Crocker and Flannery on his bench!


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Can never have enough prop depth..

After a few runs up the cliffs and dunes he should be right by round 1 06.


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Comparing our depth to The Roosters is like comparing George Rose to Mark O'mealy. Laughable...yes. To those that say he is consistently in 1st grade...he has played a total of 4 games in 1st grade. About the same as Jim Curtis.
He makes Mark Toukey look like an annorexic. This is a dead set Gee - up. To put this in perspective, Rose has been in when THREE front rowers are out. He is lethargic, he is slow, he lacks variation, and is not a prop I consider worthy of wearing the Manly Jersey. He'd need to lose about 40 kg's to be the ideal weight.

Your kidding yourselves.


Journey Man
I was saying ridiculous figures Fluffy to make a point. I didn't mean 40KG's literally.

It's funny that Stuart went with three specialist dummy 1/2's instead of Rose. Hmm. Even bought in Plum instead.

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