George Burgess


Is there any old hack out there that has been released by their club due to the fact they are no good anymore,that someone hasn’t started a thread on ST’s,asking if “at the right price” should Manly sign them?


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I didn't watch any Dragons games last year ... how did he go ?

I thought from about round 2 onwards, he was coming off the bench for the dragons feeder club.

So I didn't see him either!

edit: I see Ned posted something similar plus with a bonus news link.

PS: No thanks from me.


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This may be the George Burgess thread but, I agree with the previous posts regarding Jurbo to prop. It seems like Des was the only person intent on keeping Jake at lock.

As for Lock, the Law Man = the Link Man

Lawton has silky attacking skills and solid defence and build to those modern 13’s like Murray and Radley

Bully seemed like a candidate for lock until we realised he has no ball skills so hopefully Seibold slots him back to Front Row where he debuted him at the Broncos


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We need mobile, robust, explosive, fast forwards. We need to break the mould of the lumbering power forward type we have in abundance - it doesn't work in today's game. You can only have two to three of those (and they need to be super aggressive and intimidating).

Today's game is more about the Liam Martin, Victor Radley, Cameron Murray types. Props like Spencer Leniu, James Fisher-Harris...leg speed and mobility.

We get run off our feet, because we have the slower J. Trbojevic, Sipley, Aloiai, Keppie, Paseka lumbering types. And none of those have the JWH or NAS mongrel / intimidation and aggression in them.
potentially add Bullemore into that category if used properly, i.e leg speed and mobility


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Burgo is perfect for Manly.

Flanno can pump him full of Galen's peptides of choice, then he will be faster, stronger and winning.


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Absolutely NO to any Burgi. That would just signal, nothing's changed , still the same plodder mentality. I want to see explosive mobile forwards who can all go 80 minutes not speed bumps.

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