Gaz re-signs. Looking at the corporate-speak and back door deals

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Winging it
Gaz re-signs for the big bucks after screwing up his negotiations with Rugby.

These snippets from the NRL website:

St George Illawarra chief executive Peter Doust says third party deals for Australian sports stars are here to stay.

Doust said Thursday's announcement that Test centre Mark Gasnier would stay with rugby league, partly because of the corporate payments packaged with his Dragons contract, were not unusual and had a place in the game.

"If you've got an elite player that's got a brand, that's important to individuals or organisations, you have a chance to make a package competitive.
Holy ****, Gaz HAS a brand! ??

Gasnier's deal reportedly involves four companies chipping in between $50,000 and $100,000 each for five years, topping up his Dragons salary of around $400,000 and earning him around $4 million by the end of 2011.

There have been fears the development could impact the NRL's salary cap, with clubs rich in corporate contacts stockpiling playing talent.
No - not possible!?

Third party deals are not included in the salary cap if they come from companies other than club sponsors and involve the player in promotional work commensurate with the amount they're being paid.
Why? Mmmm - the player is now a brand, and a brand earns money related directly to the work they do....

They are also separate to each club's entitlement under the cap to pay two marquee players up to $50,000 a year each.

But Doust says there isn't enough money out there to throw at the non-elite end of the market.
These are obviously the brandless ones.

"At the end of the day we've got to recognise it's easier said than done," he said.
Woohoo, did he actually think this up or does the phrase come from the manual of ineptitude?

The NRL agrees.
Well done NRL, you agree with that inept statement?

"The number of companies out there that would actually legitimately pay somebody large money for promotion, they're there but they're not an enormous number," NRL spokesman John Brady said.
Gosh, do they pay illegitimately? I am sure they do, lmao

"No-one gives away money for nothing. You've got to be a player who can command it and you've got to be doing something for the money that is commensurate with its value."
Wow, more woohoo deserving on this one. Brand his arse with the sponsors logo and then pull his pants down every tackle

Brady said the deals don't constitute a threat to the salary cap's effectiveness.
Oh really? What does throwing loads of money from outside sources for playing footie constitute? I am going to guess it would be a way to get around the salary cap, but I am no real expert obviously!

"A threat's too hard a word, it's always been a factor that the salary cap's been aware of," he said.
Oh, I see, it's a factor in getting around the salary cap

"It's why the salary cap rules are as hard as they are.
Even though we are creating a gigantic loophole....

"If the salary cap wasn't policed in the way that it was it could be a threat but given the way it's policed I don't think it is."
Schubie's job just got that much easier by all this. All clubs can now keep at least two sets of books for the auditors


Ive heard through contacts that ADIDAS is one of the sponsors paying Gaznier, yet they are the clubs major gear sponsor, so not really sure how it all works!

i think that is the biggest problem, its all as clear as Mud


Journey Man

1. lets get max to quit as a major sponsor

2. Sign another major sponsor (doesnt have to be for as much)

3. All those players learning real estate from max should be involved in commercials throughout the year - stick it in the manly daily

4. Then max can pay them all an extra 200K per year and what do you know - we now have all 25 players on 200K+

Now our cap is around 6 million

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
I dont get too worked up over developments like these.

This is purely a commercial development which is an extension of the games already commercialised nature.
If it develops into an extension that harms the game, one thing that commercial realities do is to ensure a balancing effect.

Yes, it also corrupts, but lets see where the NRL directs this before we all think dire consequences.

BTW, MB, well done. That was entertaining commentary. :)

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