Gasnier out for the season

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Gasniers season is over before it began with scans showing he has ruptured a pectorial muscle in the saints trial match against souths. He is expected too miss the entire season. What a blow for the saints
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I guess that means Lyon is a shoe in for the NSW 5/8 spot.
I reckon Lyon is better than Gaz in that postion anyway Ryan. But seems an almost certainty unless Anasta has a good start to the season.
Anasta who??????? what has he done????? Oh, I remember, thats that guy who left the dogs because the mirrors weren't big enough in the dressing rooms.
You'd have to look at the options, and I'll do my best here:-

Wests: Marshall (no)
Souths: Sutton/ Champion) (no)
Easts: Anasta (possibly) Soward (no)
Parrascum: Finch (potentially)
Brisbane Lockyer (no)
Manly Lyon (yes) Burns (no)
NZ Witt (no) Ropati (no)
Titans Campbell (very potentially)
Storm Geyer (Potentially) Inglis (no)
Nth QLD Thurston (no) Smith (no)
Canberra Campese (no) Carney (no)
Cronulla Dykes (no) Seymor (no)
Penrith Lewis (potentially) Gower (potentially)
Dragons Gasnier (no) Hornby (potentially)
Bulldogs Holdsworth (no) Matua (potentially)
Newcastle Gidley (potentially)

That leaves:-

Braith Anasta *
Brett Finch *
Jamie Lyon *
Preston Campbell
Matt Geyer
Luke Lewis
Craig Gower *
Ben Hornby *
Reni Matua *
Kurt Gidley

The players with the stars are the ones I think could do it.

Braith Anasta *
Brett Finch *
Jamie Lyon *
Craig Gower *
Ben Hornby *
Reni Matua *

So guys, and I reckon I'm pretty close to the mark here - which out of these six would YOU choose?
There goes another team that we dont have to worry about beating this year.No Barrett,no Timmins,no Bailey,no chance!
Lyon is the only likely looking option really.. unless you go with say orford/gower in the halves which i don't think would work
Also, speaking of Origin teams.. i think with a great start to the year Brett Stewart could get a go hey.... If mini doesn't get back to his best.. i think Stewart would be able to beat hodgson to the spot
That's a huge blow for St's. :) :) :)

I see the Origin circus has started for Joey Farnham already.
**** Joey.
Talking himeslef up in his own colunm.
I respect him as footballer but he retired on his own terms, had the big fanfare and send off. Get over it and move on.
Plus he is too old , his body is trying to tell him that now and the season hasnt kicked off yet.
Johns is losing my respect pretty quickly. he thinks the game is all about him and his brother needs to shut the **** up about him too. Sometimes it sounds like he's got an erection for him.

Someone needs to clean him up in a big hit, piss him off out of the game and get on with the new talent who don't talk **** about themselves. i'd hate to play for newcaslte. you could score the winning try in a grand final and i could guarantee johns would take the ****en wrap for everything. what a..... ah **** it.
Putting aside Joey "The Man" Johns for one second, I feel for the Saints supporters and for the game in general with Gasnier's injury.

He can be great to watch, would have made the Blue's team somewhere and it is a sad loss. When we get revenge on Saints I didn't want them to have an excuse!
I'd f*cking love for Joey to play Origin this year. It gives NSW a chance, and it detracts from Newcastle's season (they lose Joey for a minimum of 3 games, plus the extra workload will tire him out etc).

Win f*cken win!
I'd rather tie my genitals to a door handle and slam it shut before I sympathize about anther teams miss fortune.
How stuffed is the Drag Queens conditioning regime?

It can't be up to scratch they have too many injuries.

As i said in another thread... I'm a manly fan first but just after that i'm a Rugby League fan.. and for that i sympathise

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