Gallen set to Re-sign

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For those that are interested

Chatter from the sharks forums, indicate that Gallen is set to announce a two or three year contract extension
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Ryan will have to remove him from his 2008 YART if that is the case


I wonder if Gallen's brother is still playing lower grades for us this year?
Gallen's manager, David Riolo, said his client's first priority was to remain at Cronulla. However, Manly have expressed significant interest as they look for a replacement for Ben Kennedy. Gallen also went to school with new Sea Eagles recruit Jamie Lyon.
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If Gallen is serious about winning a premiership he will not sign with Cronulla, we are looking much better for one than they are in the next 2 years.
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So considering we must have offered him a contract, is that an early hint that beaver won't be with us next season?
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Could be but we were chasing Simpson and Creagh last year so I think its more to do with finding a quality lock not a replacement for Beaver.
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Beaver should move to lock. He has the ideal build for it. Tackles like a monster and would do all the clean up work required yet still has the step and pace to turn a play break-down into a try scoring opportunity.
let me tell u mob, u have no chance. gallen will resign at sharks he just wants more money. Odonnell hates Moanagahn so he wont cum as well.

beaver will retire this season, bad hamstring problem may not see out 2007

remember u heard it here first
Why does O'Donnell hate Monas? I would've thought it would only be the other way round.

Regardless, Gallen can stay at the Sharks - I'd much prefer L'OD.

Sherlock's info on Menzies mightn't be too far off the mark though unfortunately. I haven't heard that his hammy is the reasoning behind it, but I've been told that he's not giving himself much chance of playing in '08.


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I'll be surprised if he doesn't sign with Manly. Very surprised!
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