Funny OEE people

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Journey Man
Not trying to have a dig at them, but i think there is a laugh to be had at some of the team postings.

As they went on, to me it seemed to become a challenge to see who could name more juniors in first grade.

What go me is that there was no criticism - seems you can post whatever. Some had Donald playing on the other wing, others tezza on his wrong side. i even saw burns alberts luchetti and others starting.

One person posted a PL team with 4 centres in the backline.

Also the players dropped were funny, no hecks even counting the bench for a few, one had no hecks, willo or harris from memory.

I know there is some sort of stouch ongoing and dont want to get involved but some of these people appear to not have seen a game this year and only listen to what Zorba writes, hence all the new signing are in the team.


Journey Man
Even funnier on ME

Johnson is now being talked up like he is quicker than Don and Stew.

Then some guy posted his line up of


completely forgetting luchetti.

I love ME for a laugh. Sooner or later ill log back on and get kicked off again for pointing out the obvious.


First Grader
Yeah you get funny stuff on all forums....even here sometimes. But we debate what gets posted....we don't tread on eggshells here.

The Wheel
Premium Member
Totally agree Fluffy, some have no idea and have unreal expectations of players and the team. The same ones will be bagging the team unmercifully once we loose a few games in a row. Last season proved that, we were making the Top 4 before the start of the season, you should have seen the change in attitude about half way through the season.

In all honesty, I think Alberts would be the only with a realistic chance of making the NRL at this stage as he seems to have some pedigree around him from his schoolboy days. The jury is still out on Luchetti and co though IMO.


Journey Man
I think alberts once fit with PL trials will be given a run in firsts. We got him from Brisbane on the promise of some NRL experience, not to continue playing PL.

Luchetti has some good wraps on attack but his defence is completely unknown and will need to prove himself before being thought about, Johnson has played some PL and did start a trial with the warriors so may get a look towards the end of the season, all others are set for PL for the season since its their first PL season here.


Journey Man
Alberts might not play the trials yet. It depends on his shoulder.

These blokes are the future of our club though. They're all specials to start next year and lets not forget that Princess, Blue Arse, Harris and the model will all be playing SOO next year.

The Wheel
Premium Member
He told me at the touch footy day that his expected return will not be until April.


Journey Man
All fits in with everything else ive heard. So he will start in PL once good to go in April


Journey Man
Yep, back by Round Four though the latest delight from Zorba said his progress was better than expected.

Round One at best and that will only be PL. As I said when we first signed him, I doubt we'll see him in Firsts before halfway through the season at the earliest.


Journey Man
I still think he will be a definate starter in firsts before years end. He was brought here for that reason, otherwise he would have stayed with the broncos.

Maybe they are banking on hill getting injured mid season and alberts taking over.


First Grader
YKM...hahahaha :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I know it wasn't ground breaking stuff.

Not for now, but if all goes well next year I hope so!

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