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Journey Man
I'm sure we're all going to have a fun day revelling in the pain of the Dragons and Eels supporting colleagues that have made life misery for us in the past week.

So we might as well share our efforts in this thread. Here's mine:

Gentlemen (especially Andy)

You will recall a rather dire patch in Manly’s season this year when we lost several games on the trot and each Monday morning I was confronted with an e-mail crowing about our latest misfortune – much to the merriment of all Dragons and Eels supporters.

I’m often known as a vindictive man, with a long memory. I’d love to point out that we’ve all ended the season the same way – as losers.

However, I felt a pang last night of how it felt in 1995 when Manly effectively threw away a Premiership through a grievous choke in a critical game.

So, mercy lives here.

At least Manly realised that their current half back (Monaghan) is not the player to take them to a Grand Final and went out and signed Orford. How many more years before the Dragons and Eels realise the same about their coaches?

P.S. Have I ever mentioned previously that I grew up in the shadows of the Cowboy’s Dairy Farmers Stadium and used to ride my bike around what is now their training facility? Current Cowboy bench player, Mitchell Sergeant, also used to play outside centre to my inside centre for the Canowindra Pythons.

I think you’ll understand if I jump on their bandwagon for just one week.


This was really the year that Parra thought that they had the premiership won.

Smith only has one more year left on his contract and I can't see them winning it next year as saturday's defeat will scar their players for longer than 12 months just like their defeat in 2001 did.

The good thing about it is that Smith will not be with Parra after next year and therefore he will have never won a competition.

One more time lets laugh at Parra.

Karma for not letting us sign Jamie Lyon this year. He probably got the elders on the Wee Waa mission to point the bone at parra.
Journey Man
You have to consider what they speant last year !!! They tried to win a premiership. They bought:-

P J Marsh
Mark Riddell
Glenn Morrison
Paul Stringer
Timana Tahu
Chad Robinson

All seasoned veterans, and all wanting BIG bucks. They re-signed Growthe, Ben Smith etc on big contracts too.

Interesting eh?

I phoned a Parra supporting work colleague with a Manly supporting friend of mine, and sang "Parra, Parra...then my mate said "I feel sorry for you" to which I called out "I don't" Nth Qld 29 Parramatta DONUT.

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