Fullback for NSW game 2?

you'd have to think snake would need two full games under his belt to be considered ahead of mini. then gordon (who's been injured himself), and i doubt they'd throw dugan in.

Not sure if one game for snake (if he even plays next week) would be enough.


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Daley is a Dugan fan. Reckon he will get the spot if Hayne is out.

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I think it will be Dugan but Mini wouldn't let NSW done. He won the game for Easts last night with that try against the run of play. Parra would probably have scored if Mini didn't intervene, and then run away to seal the match.

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If Hayne will only miss the one game, get Minichiello in there. Experienced in Origin, in good form and played Grand Finals, perfect candidate to fill in for 1 high pressure game

Gordon would be my other option, good player and has been there before on the wing

Still too soon for Dugan I think


It'll be Snake if Hayne can't go. He's the incumbent & would have been the starter if Stanley didn't knee him in the back in the Dragons game.

Don't trust any of NSW's other fullbacks aside from Minichello & his last appearance for NSW was abysmal. Snake for sure.


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it doesn't matter, refs will make sure QLD win (under instruction) so it goes down to a decider in the third as it will be better for the promotion


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Hayne will be there, he only hurt his heartlidge last night, no way that is a 2 week injury


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Agree with dan, hayne will play origin 2.

This morning they were saying they think his hammy isn't as bad as first thought

There saying snake wont be right until after the 2nd bye, so bringing him back in SOO2 which is a really tough game is silly.
There would be a fair bit of pressure on snake been rushed straight back into a high pressure game , I think the safe option would be mini or Gordon


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Stewie if fit . If not between Mini , Gordon or Morris . I don't think Dugan would have the mental strength to be worth the risk .

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