Full Strength or?


This week I think there’s a lot of options manly can go for, in conversation with a few manly supporting mates, it was raised that manly are at near full strength if Watmough and Heckenburg are both back in the top grade. Keep Donald in Reggies where he belongs, Stephenson’s done quite well over the last few weeks.
And not sure what the Michael Witt situation is, but leave him in Reggies if he’s down on form and start Harris at 5-8 for a bit of depth, wont hurt us too much. Tutt has been playing well, but don’t know if he will get picked this week.
This is a list I came up with during my maths trial HSC exam today; it’s what id pick for what I think is our strongest team available for the clash with the knights, let me know what you guys think. I will be backing us to win by 13+; ive got a killer feeling about this week.

1. Brett Stewart
2. Paul Stephenson
3. Terry Hill
4. Ashley Alberts
5. Chris Hicks
6. Sam Harris/ Michael Witt (don’t know who’ll get a run)
7. Michael Monaghan
8. Daniel Heckenburg/ Jason King (rotate either to the bench)
9. Chad Randall
10. Brent Kite
11. Anthony Watmough
12. Steve Menzies
13. Ben Kennedy

14. Luke Williamson/ Mark Bryant
15. Shayne Dunley
16. Kylie Leuluai
17. Jason King/ Daniel Heckenburg

What you guys think?


Kim Jong Dan
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For mine Randall will get the chop. Willow will start in Hooker until Dunley comes on and then Willow can go into rotation as a forward.

Nothing against Chad as he had a solid game yesterday I just think that our strongest side would be stronger with more forwards!

The Wheel

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Chad seemed to be the one to miss out early in the year when we had everyone available so you could be right Dan. Personally I hope Hecks gets a run but I don't think Bryant will be getting the chop just yet


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On yesterdays form Hecks was only average in PL and Bryant has been very impressive in the past few weeks.


Would you bring back Witt to 5-8? or keep em in premier league. Chad was lucky with that pass that went to ground, with the hands of stewart, it could have been a 90metre try to the broncos if it had of been pounced on.
Will be interesting to see who gets named in the squad tuesday/wednesday.


Kim Jong Dan
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Bryant ha been playing outstanding footy the last few weeks, hitting hte line hard and tackling hard too


I wouldn't drop Bryant unless Hecks was on fire in PL......
You can't drop Willo because without Witt his goalkicking is needed. Drop the Chad and put Willo at hooker. He can go into the second row to give Choc a rest if he needs one after the injury when Dunley comes on.


Chad was lucky with that pass that went to ground, with the hands of stewart, it could have been a 90metre try to the broncos if it had of been pounced on.

In some ways with that pass I didnt blame Chad too much, because their should have been a runner there to start with. Plus it all worked out good.


Yeah thats true, thought of it at the time but didnt think to much of it, thought to myself, where are the forwards busting it up, but a good result that threw me out of my seat! Got the blood pumping


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No one here has mentioned the obvious. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THINKING ABOUT FOOTBALL DURING AN EXAM!? Good on ya champion.
Maybe you can answer the taxing maths question from Sunday - how do you fit 21 into 6?


i dont think hecks is that a great a player that he can walk into sundays team, Bryant did as much if not more than Hecks,

Witt stays out, im comfortable with thge Menzies/Harris tactic of extra forward in the new number #21 position!

only change i would make is to find a spot for Choc, possibly even on the bench, im always nervous about knee injuries! would like to ease him in.

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