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FULL 2008 Draw

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    Round 1 March 14 - 17

    Broncos vs. Panthers
    Eels vs. Bulldogs
    Knights vs. Raiders
    Rabbitohs vs. Roosters
    Sea Eagles vs. Sharks
    Storm vs. Warriors
    Titans vs. Cowboys
    Wests Tigers vs. Dragons

    Round 2 March 21 - 24

    Cowboys vs. Wests Tigers
    Dragons vs. Titans
    Knights vs. Sea Eagles
    Panthers vs. Raiders
    Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs
    Roosters vs. Broncos
    Storm vs. Sharks
    Warriors vs. Eels

    Round 3 March 28 - 31

    Broncos vs. Cowboys
    Bulldogs vs. Wests Tigers
    Eels vs. Knights
    Panthers vs. Rabbitohs
    Raiders vs. Dragons
    Roosters vs. Storm
    Sea Eagles vs. Warriors
    Titans vs. Sharks

    Round 4 April 4 - 7

    Bulldogs vs. Roosters
    Cowboys vs. Eels
    Dragons vs. Sharks
    Sea Eagles vs. Rabbitohs
    Storm vs. Broncos
    Titans vs. Raiders
    Warriors vs. Knights
    Wests Tigers vs. Panthers

    Round 5 April 11 – 14

    Dragons vs. Cowboys
    Eels vs. Titans
    Knights vs. Broncos
    Panthers vs. Roosters
    Rabbitohs vs. Sharks
    Raiders vs. Wests Tigers
    Storm vs. Sea Eagles
    Warriors vs. Bulldogs

    Round 6 April 18 - 21

    Broncos vs. Titans
    Bulldogs vs. Dragons
    Cowboys vs. Warriors
    Eels vs. Sea Eagles
    Raiders vs. Storm
    Roosters vs. Knights
    Sharks vs. Panthers
    Wests Tigers vs. Rabbitohs

    Round 7 April 25 - 27

    Broncos vs. Rabbitohs
    Cowboys vs. Storm
    Dragons vs. Roosters
    Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs
    Sharks vs. Wests Tigers
    Titans vs. Warriors
    Bye - Eels, Knights, Panthers, Raiders

    Round 8 May 2 - 4

    Country vs. City

    Knights vs. Titans
    Panthers vs. Eels
    Rabbitohs vs. Cowboys
    Warriors vs. Raiders
    Wests Tigers vs. Broncos
    Bye - Bulldogs, Dragons, Sea Eagles, Roosters, Sharks, Storm

    Test Match - Friday, May 9

    Australia vs. New Zealand

    Round 9 May 10 - 12

    Broncos vs. Sea Eagles
    Bulldogs vs. Panthers
    Cowboys vs. Sharks
    Eels vs. Dragons
    Roosters vs. Raiders
    Storm vs. Knights
    Bye - Rabbitohs, Titans, Tigers, Warriors

    Round 10 May 16 - 19

    Dragons vs. Storm
    Eels vs. Roosters
    Knights vs. Wests Tigers
    Panthers vs. Warriors
    Raiders vs. Rabbitohs
    Sea Eagles vs. Cowboys
    Sharks vs. Broncos
    Titans vs. Bulldogs

    State of Origin One Wednesday, May 21

    Queensland vs. New South Wales

    Round 11 May 23 - 26

    Bulldogs vs. Sharks
    Rabbitohs vs. Storm
    Sea Eagles vs. Dragons
    Warriors vs. Roosters
    Wests Tigers vs. Titans
    Bye - Broncos, Cowboys, Eels, Knights, Panthers, Raiders

    Round 12 May 30 – June 2

    Broncos vs. Eels
    Cowboys vs. Panthers
    Knights vs. Warriors
    Rabbitohs vs. Dragons
    Raiders vs. Sea Eagles
    Roosters vs. Wests Tigers
    Sharks vs. Titans
    Storm vs. Bulldogs

    Round 13 June 6 - 9

    Bulldogs vs. Knights
    Dragons vs. Broncos
    Eels vs. Raiders
    Panthers vs. Sharks
    Sea Eagles vs. Roosters
    Titans vs. Storm
    Warriors vs. Rabbitohs
    Wests Tigers vs. Cowboys

    State of Origin Two Wednesday, June 11

    New South Wales vs. Queensland

    Round 14 June 13 - 16

    Cowboys vs. Knights
    Raiders vs. Broncos
    Roosters vs. Panthers
    Sharks vs. Warriors
    Wests Tigers vs. Eels
    Bye - Bulldogs, Dragons, Sea Eagles, Rabbitohs, Storm, Titans

    Round 15 June 20 - 23

    Broncos vs. Wests Tigers
    Bulldogs vs. Raiders
    Dragons vs. Panthers
    Knights vs. Roosters
    Rabbitohs vs. Titans
    Sharks vs. Eels
    Storm vs. Cowboys
    Warriors vs. Sea Eagles

    Round 16 June 27 - 30

    Cowboys vs. Rabbitohs
    Eels vs. Storm
    Panthers vs. Broncos
    Raiders vs. Sharks
    Roosters vs. Bulldogs
    Sea Eagles vs. Knights
    Titans vs. Dragons
    Wests Tigers vs. Warriors

    State of Origin Three Wednesday, July 2

    Queensland vs. New South Wales

    Round 17 July 4 – 7

    Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs
    Eels vs. Panthers
    Knights vs. Dragons
    Storm vs. Raiders
    Titans vs. Sea Eagles
    Bye - Broncos, Cowboys, Roosters, Sharks, Tigers, Warriors

    Round 18 July 11 - 14

    Broncos vs. Bulldogs
    Dragons vs. Raiders
    Panthers vs. Knights
    Rabbitohs vs. Eels
    Roosters vs. Titans
    Sharks vs. Sea Eagles
    Warriors vs. Cowboys
    Wests Tigers vs. Storm

    Round 19 July 18 - 21

    Bulldogs vs. Warriors
    Cowboys vs. Broncos
    Rabbitohs vs. Wests Tigers
    Raiders vs. Roosters
    Sea Eagles vs. Eels
    Sharks vs. Knights
    Storm vs. Dragons
    Titans vs. Panthers

    Round 20 July 25 - 28

    Broncos vs. Sharks
    Dragons vs. Bulldogs
    Eels vs. Cowboys
    Knights vs. Rabbitohs
    Panthers vs. Wests Tigers
    Raiders vs. Titans
    Roosters vs. Sea Eagles
    Warriors vs. Storm

    Round 21 August 1 – 4

    Broncos vs. Raiders
    Cowboys vs. Roosters
    Knights vs. Eels
    Rabbitohs vs. Warriors
    Sea Eagles vs. Panthers
    Sharks vs. Dragons
    Storm vs. Titans
    Wests Tigers vs. Bulldogs

    Round 22 August 8 - 11

    Bulldogs vs. Cowboys
    Dragons vs. Wests Tigers
    Raiders vs. Panthers
    Roosters vs. Eels
    Sea Eagles vs. Storm
    Sharks vs. Rabbitohs
    Titans vs. Knights
    Warriors vs. Broncos

    Round 23 August 15 – 18

    Broncos vs. Dragons
    Cowboys vs. Titans
    Eels vs. Wests Tigers
    Panthers vs. Bulldogs
    Rabbitohs vs. Sea Eagles
    Raiders vs. Knights
    Storm vs. Roosters
    Warriors vs. Sharks

    Round 24 August 22 - 25

    Bulldogs vs. Eels
    Dragons vs. Warriors
    Knights vs. Cowboys
    Panthers vs. Storm
    Rabbitohs vs. Raiders
    Sharks vs. Roosters
    Titans vs. Broncos
    Wests Tigers vs. Sea Eagles

    Round 25 August 29 – September 1

    Bulldogs vs. Broncos
    Cowboys vs. Raiders
    Dragons vs. Eels
    Knights vs. Storm
    Roosters vs. Rabbitohs
    Sea Eagles vs. Titans
    Warriors vs. Panthers
    Wests Tigers vs. Sharks

    Round 26 September 5 – 8

    Broncos vs. Knights
    Eels vs. Warriors
    Panthers vs. Sea Eagles
    Raiders vs. Bulldogs
    Roosters vs. Dragons
    Sharks vs. Cowboys
    Storm vs. Rabbitohs
    Titans vs. Wests Tigers

    September 12 - 14
    Home Venue Quarter Finals Week One
    September 20 - 21
    Home City Semi Finals Week Two
    September 27 - 28
    Home Region Preliminary Finals Week Three
    Sunday, October 5
    Grand Final
  2. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

    +215 /5
    Two byes per team is a change. We have a very hard early five weeks. Origin time has some benefits though we play the Broncos the weekend of the Friday test match. With Petero leaving how many Broncos will be in the Test team, dependent on the fitness of Lockyer? We may have more.

    We play Cowboys, Rooster and Titans the week before Origin and we may come off well in that agreement considering Thurston and Bowen will be out, to offset our rep players. Rorters and Titans shouldn't lose many so that may be tough. We have the bye the week after Origin 2 which is good timing.
  3. Kiwi Eagle

    Kiwi Eagle Moderator Staff Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +3,894 /65
    5,6 and 7 will be a tough period. Like the look of the run home
  4. ants

    ants Active Member

    +12 /1
    I am assuming we still have a commitment of sorts to play home matches on the central coast??

    Does anyone know when the decision is made and which of our "home" games are likely to be played away from Brookie?
  5. SilentBob

    SilentBob Well-Known Member

    +4 /0
    Knights for one Gosford game, Cowboys/Titans for the other I'd guess.

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