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Well the scoreline says it all.

An average day of football all up with only a few players putting there hands up.

Monas and alberts played well causing the knights plenty of grief, it will be interesting to see what can be done with a decent centre. BK was the only forward who came to the party, ran hard all day but did have a bit of a rest a few times in defence. Witt was awful - worst game by a half this season - went off early. Not sure if he was in jured or des just thought he was playing too bad, moved dunley to halff. Monas was switched on to witt's poor game and in the second half threw the cut out pass past witt to keep him out of it. The icing on the cake was a chip kick to the defensive line.

Scott Donald looked 10 times the winger than when steppa was playing inside him. Alberts created space and again looked awsome in attack. Just the 1 missed tackle - to which he made the tackle on the second attempt although wasnt tested as much. 7 hitups, 149 metres in attack. I know you guys hate stats but considering he didnt kick return he has run into a lot of space very often. He got hit hard when in the clear and hurt his shoulder, hoping its not serious.

King - out injured, well so i thought until Kite and Bryant did there best impression. At least Kane Cleal ran hard when he came on, one of his better games in first grade.

Stewy - Started good with some space in the kick returns but had a quit second half
Don - looked dangerous with a good centre inside him
Flash Ash - Very good game
Tezza - average, for what he is capable of, best game so far in attack
Hicks - seemed disinterested yet again in the first half. Came in off his winger to help tezza who was fine, let the winger in. IN the second after getting put in the clear seemed a little more interested in playing footy. Not sure whats wrong but its something.
Witt - Worst game ever, worst on field.
Monas - Very good in both attack and defence. Looked twice the attacker with alberts
Kite - Poor game from him, came back late to make some metres on the cards
Randall - got lucky with a blind side scoot. Then proceeded to pass to players heads.
Bryant - worst game so far
Beaver - didnt really get into it, fell asleep a bit in defence at times
Watmough - Started out as our best prop, then went a bit quiet. Didnt dominate late like usual
BK - tried hard in attack and like beaver had lapses in defence

Harris - Bring up Stewy2 on that
Dunley - average, didnt get enough support from his scoots
Cleal - best prop in attack, ran hard and demanded 3 or 4 tacklers. Needs 5 kegs and will be a decent nrl player. Very disciplined for him
Willo - didnt get on till 20 to go, not his fault.

One positive that came out of the game was Flash Ash looked better.

PS if monas hadnt turned up - we would have lost.

Witt - you are the weakest link. Goodbye


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**** me fluffy what more could you ask of bk than 80 mins backing up,i thought he was best on ground ,to say he had lapses in defence my god...............


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16 tackles,5 offloads,1 line break,1 try assist,21 hitups,1 missed tackle,194 metres,80 minutes backing up from origin well fluffy as you say stats are important,far out mate go back to sticking up for monas than trying this ****.


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He missed laying a hand on a missed tackle or 2 or so it looked like at the ground.

16 tackles compared to his usual 25+ shows my point, its not like i said he went poor, just had some lapses, which is not like the BK we all know.

How dare I say something bad against him.


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From ME, someone talked to Witt after the game and the reason he came off is that he had been sick all week and hadnt shaken the bug. Hopefully this fully explains his football today

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Thanks for the report Fluffy. Kennedy played all 80 mins only three days after being close to best on ground in the Origin game. I will excuse his tiredness (if that's what it was.)

Funny how the injured crock taunts from the Knight supporters have dried up over the last couple of months. He is worth his weight in headbands to this team!


witty continues to be our weakest attcking link so far, i dont believe he is a 5/8
and his game again today proved that


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Kennedy the 40 minute man...........

Hmmmmmm. He played 160 minutes this week I gather.

Can someone point out to the Fluffster that the closest Monaghan will get to playing 160 minutes of football in a week is when they bring in unlimited golden point extra time and we're relying on Monaghan to get us the point?


Winging it
Despite yopur bagging Monas had a solid game and was good for mine. Witt had a shocker going for chip kicks when long range was what was needed. It was a joy to see a free running Duck, something we haven't seen much of this year. Not a pretty win but the second half blitz was great.


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No more about Monas. As sue said - let's see how he goes when the whips are cracking in the big games.

We know he's a flat track bully. Let's see how he goes against the sides with pedigree.


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Mate youve said no more - then added your flat track bully thing in half a dozen threads now. When is it going to be no more?

And its interesting to note that when you dont give a blow job to a conga line player how much you get bagged and how many excuses come out.


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Geez, what is it with you guys and Mona's. He plays bad & gets critiques from everywhere & when he plays well he gets little or no praise.


Journey Man
Mate youve said no more - then added your flat track bully thing in half a dozen threads now.
Not since I said no more.

But then, comprehension has never been your strong suit.


thought BK was pretty good close to my man of the match for us.

Thought Kite was ok as well, Tezza when on my side of the field in the second half was good, loved the sledging lol!

Monaghs solid, Witt average, when can Harris get those mistakes out of his game?

Bryant, running back into defensive line looking the other way while a knights player ran past him was under 11s stuff!

classic complacent game from a good side lowering themselves to the level of opposition.

next week will be interesting...

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