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Journey Man
This is a 30 minute warning.

It may be worth checking your posts to ensure you aren't giving anything more than your opinion. If you are claiming any performance or ability as fact it will be deleted and possible demerits will apply.

Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles Limited

I wonder if this is Zorba? 8| 8| 8|


UFO Hunter
Yeah, the fans have a right to say what they think but I can understand that.

Its the same reason Des won't publicly bag the players.

Anything associated with the official site needs to be kept positive. You can't have potential business coming on the site and seeing the team is crap.

Just post a URL to here rhino.


Journey Man
The Bank does a survey of its Bankers (from their customers) to get a "real" view of how the Bankers are going.

Why do the players need to be wrapped in cotton wool?

Maybe it exposes glarring deficiencies.


UFO Hunter
Because you don't operate under the eyes of 21 million aussies on national TV.

If someone went to the NAB website and saw something like "**** our financial planer ryan is a useless ****" what would happen ;)

I agree with the honest appraisal, but can understand them not wanting it on the official site.


First Grader
Flip is correct, you cant have people ripping in on the official site, even if it is true.

The bank would not publish or conduct surveys on their official website so potential customers can see their problems. Albeit this a little different.


Journey Man
Not true guys. All Banks true worth is openly available for anyone to see anytime you see a share price on the stock market. Generalised I know, but there it is.
I also don't get paid $500k+ per season for my job.
For that matter, anyone in The Bank who IS on that much money, is consistently in the media, the financial review etc for performance. They are constantly receiving public feedback.


UFO Hunter
Yeah, its a fair point.

But ryan, does the bank have a negative appraisal of itself on its OWN website?

We aren't saying that nobody can critique the club, but rather just not on the very place the club uses to promote its brand.


First Grader
Ryan, I'm sure if the club wants to know what the fans really think they would browse this site ;)

They don't want negative stuff on MSE as sometimes the papers trawl the official sites to use the negative comments from fans in the papers. That may also have something to do with it.

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