Friday Night Football

About friggin time......

wish we had one at brooky though
excellent news, have to go up there for work soon.

Just in badgering the boss to plan it for then. looking good so far !dance:
One at Brookie would be great but there is an issue with the lights.

I wish they would put some in permanently.

Is this a council issue or a funding issue. Maybe Max could assist?
ive never had a real wrap on us playing at night.most of our real floggings have been under lights.much rather sunday arvo.on the positive side it means we are getting much deserved respect-i think the cowboys v roosters game is on that weekend so to beat that match for match of the round is great news particularly as the cowboys ,roosters semi last year was a magnificent spectacle.
I presume you'll be there sue? Does that put an end to our ambitions of making the Test match the week before?
Not in a bloody life time mata. I will be there for that game and the test. You poor buggers down their winging about not getting a friday game when you see our side every weekend..... poor babies. But what can I expect.... meixans... sheesh.
Well we did beat the Broncs up there in a night game. When Dorn did that "lucky" pass.

But I also don't like night games.

btw Parra v Penrith is on this Friday night. Now thats a joke!
You don't like night games because its harder to take good shots. What would you do with yourself if you weren't running around with a camera byso??? lol
You can't ever be one of those fluffy. It just not possible. That is unless you still love wearing that one thong you picked up at a garage sale back in 1978 and you call it your lucky thong cause thats the year you wore off half the sole walking to the SCG waving your flag and showing that gap filled smile all that way.
Ah of fire......Yep photos suck at night but i'll have a much better chance now with the new gear.

In reality we tend to lose more night games.
He is in Mexico because he has to be fluffy... no other choice. Im sure given the chance he would be sitting somewhere in the whitsundaes look at the cristal clear water from his office.

Then again... he could be in Brisbane... on the river.... "when the suns at the right angle.. the river looks blue!" hahahahah

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