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Chip and Chase

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The Three Huts

A guy's plane crashes in the jungle and he gets captured by cannibals. He's led away to their village.

When he gets to the village, the headman explains that 'today' is the tribes annual trial of manhood, where all of the young men in the village have to complete difficult tasks in order to attain manhood. The headman gives him a choice, pass the manhood test or go straight into the pot! Quickly, the guy agrees to take the test.

The headman explains the test.

'The test comprises three huts; in the first is an eight gallon barrel of the tribes homebrew beer; in the second is a full grown lion with a thorn in its paw; in the third is a nubile young woman of the village.'

'The test is simple; enter the first hut and drink the beer; enter the second hut and pull the thorn from the lion's paw; enter the third hut and satisfy the sexual appetites of the young woman.'

Off goes the guy to the first hut, many hours pass, accompanied by the sounds of much drinking - glug, gulp, swallow.....belch etc.

Eventually, the guy staggers out of the first hut. He's quickly escorted into the second hut and the door is shut.

All hell breaks loose, screams, howls, growls can be heard from the hut. He's in there for ages. Eventually, the noise dies down and the guy staggers out of the second hut.

He's in a hell of a state; his clothes are wrecked, hanging in shreds, there's claw marks and bruises everywhere.

He looks around for the third hut and says, drunkenly, "where'sh thish girl wiv a thorn in her foot then?"

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