very interesting to see that malnourished dwarf ,gary freeman, standing on a milk crate on fox espousing his moral views over hoppas tackle.he received 12 weeks for gouging according to a CW post.i cant cop hoppas antics but copping it from that filthy garden gnome is very rich.get back to balmain or wests or penrith or parramatta or wherever you came from ,you ridiculous little hand puppet.
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I'm still stunned that the Rugby player who was arrested for damaging a car in a drunken rage got $5000 and one match.

I hate the high moral ground Rugby takes and yet there is a lot of stuff swept under the carpet there!!!
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Send our mate an email and let him know what we think here is the link through to website where you are able to email the show.,9653,fs2_nrlscoreboard,00.html
he was a cat when he played as well, the type who would niggle then run away when the ****e hit the fan...basically a has been who needs to say crap just to keep his has been melon on television. If he was an aussie he would never had played international footy
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I just picked up Rugby League Week and who was giving Hoppa a spray? - the all round clean player Mark Geyer himself. They really give it to him in this issue.
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Not a great issue CW. I usually find Big League better, especially in the stats area.

There is an article on a cashed up Bunnies going after Sculthorpe and Brian Carney from England, along with Anasta & Mason (that last bit will be linked to everyone).

All 13 tipsters have gone with the Storm.

Hodgies to get more than a warm reception by the Rorters.

The idiot quote of the issue is from Jamie Lyon in England claiming that Darren Albert is a better winger than Lote Tuqiri. I'll have whatever drugs he is on!

Robbie O is still dreaming of a Knights recall.

Good write up on Steve Bell from the Storm.

A history article on Paul Mares (and the less I remember his efforts the better) and Rambo.

The most interesting for me was something for the Maroons. Alfie is playing for Caloundra, Dale "traitor" Shearer for Beerwah and Craig Polla-Mounter for Nambour in the Sunshine Coast comp. The Grasshopper is now president of Northern Suburbs and is quoted as describing a recent game as "the worst refereeing i have ever seen". He should know! :roll:

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