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Just wondering if anyone watched the show about FOX news/Murdoch last night ???
Jaw dropping stuff-every last bit ! One of the best was some of the banter between Bush and a FOX Political journo before they went to air. They were discussing how the journos wife works for Bush(on his campaign) You get to see Bush with the smuggest look possible before the start of the interview knowing full well he would be getting an easy "biased " one- watch this and you will see how Bush had Rupert Murdoch and the FOX network to thank for his election victory! (and how f**ked up Americas apparent "democracy" is).
Bill O'Neill...I'm amazed how people can actually listen to this guy.
There was even a bit how the FOX network was bagging John Kerry....get this.....because he 'looked' French ????
I wish I had seen that.

Damn my Girlfriend and her sex and the city dvd's
Our media does the same thing - certain major personalities will broadcast their bias and tout it as a fair write up.

Im sure it happens in most countries.
yeah but not to the extent it does in the US.

After experience the people first hand for the first time as an adult, it is so clear that these people couldliterally end the world in venture for personal gain
Fluffy, I understand what your saying and yes to a certain extent our media does, but if you watched the show last night and saw the extent these people went to with their propaganda machine you would understand.
There is no way that Australians would put up with presenters like the ones on FOX.
I'd say the closest we come to this sort of **** is ACA/ Today Tonight and 60 minutes- but they are still not even near FOX's bull**** level.
I saw another documentary on this sort of thing too.

It showed how the public are so easily swayed by the advertising industry.

They showed an advert about John kerry made by the bush camp.
Then asked peoples opinions of John Kerry, they repeated word for word what the advert said.

They also thought that the billionaire G W would be more likely to fit in with "reular Folk" and pitch in at a farm etc.

Then again what we have to remember is the media make these documentaries too
They had a show before the Fox one on the advertising industry and how it has changed over the years. From convincing words like "brighter, faster, cleaner etc in the 60's to linking human emotions to a product (late 80s/90s) and now to entire shows (like Sex and the City, movies) around products - programs and movies that are one giant ad.

Every day we are shaped just a little bit more the way business wants us. Not always a bad thing but it is important to understand what they are doing so you can make informed choices.

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