hi fellas; long time no see.

my take on our forward weakness involves coach hasler more than anyone else. i feel in the last few years, he has proven his over-cautious approach as our mentor. he realises 'something new' might lead to a drop in performance. unfortunately, it is also that 'something new' that leads clubs to premierships. see tigers 05 as a reference. panthers 04 is another.

tackling machines such as stewart and willo are great if you're south sydney. but if they have nothing more to offer - and neither of those players have anything more to offer - they are not going to lead a side to a premiership. especially when there are two of these in the same 17.

we should have gone all out for faumuina. our loss is the cowboys' gain.

nonetheless, in our ranks, we do have enough to work with.

i believe sheens or another of his calibre would start with either stewart or willo at lock - the other will be in PL. another challenging that duo for the 13 will be wells under another coach.

another coach would have beaver and choc in starting line-up, and then an impact backrower such as cuthbertson or afamasaga on the bench. this person will give beaver some breaks to rest his tiring legs.

i think rose and bryant are fine on the bench, and burns will provide many things in his stints.

fact is, with des, only ridiculously good tacklers have broken into the side and been given an extended run; see stewart and burns. impact such as cuthbertson - albeit with a few errors on the way - have been given limited opportunities. unfortunately, the latter, more risky approach, is what will win us a premiership.

i hope des changes his appraoch and gives these youngsters a chance as impact off the bench. forget having willo and stewart in the same 17. with the line-up named this week, and talk from matt rogers about how forwards-centric the game has become since he last played 5 years ago, we will be extremely lucky to make the 8.

i was banned from mse for posting the above thoughts.
In Dessies defence the jury is still out on the NRL ability of both Cuthbo and halfasanga, however I like you hope that say by the 5th round both Willo and Dunley have been forced into PL by the emergence of some of the youngsters.


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Is this Haig? Negative about the Sea Eagles? The same Haig that exhorted us to get behind our brave boys after they went down to Penrith 72-12??????



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haig... hahahaha


I don't find myself blinded by the rosy glow that usually surrounds your ramblings. Fantastic. No need for these anymore 8)


same haig. we had a crap team then who did their best. now, we simply have incompetence in other departments.


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New coach in 08, Toovs. P.S. The reason why Des likes Willo is that he played the same sort of conservative defensive orientated game, manically tackling anything that moved. Willo went alright yesterday. The back three weren't a problem.

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