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Jul 16, 2004
I am of the opinion that for Manly to become a premiership threat they will need to purchase at least one more quality metre maker.

I put it to you that Manly management make a play for someone in the mould of Nate Myles, and if this means we lose Hecks then so be it. Fact is IMO, our front isn't making enough metres. King is good in glimpses, but plays too little time, Hecks is gettign injured a lot, and when fit still doesn't make a lot of metres as well as missing tackles due to lack of pace(same as King), I have been impressed with Bryant, and he is worth holding onto for a good backup. Leuluai is becoming a liability with his high shots, but I feel we should re-sign him or snag someone of a similar nature. Kite is our major metre maker week in and week out along with the backrow obviously.

1. Stewart
2. Donald
3. Alberts
4. King
5. Hicks
6. Witt
7. Orford
8. Kite
9. Monaghan
10. Myles
11. Menzies
12. Watmough
13. Kennedy

14. Harris
15. King
16. Leuluai
17. Williamson

19. Glenn Stewart
20. Mark Bryant

:drunk: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:

Does some one want to slap me so I wake up and remember that the salary cap is not $4 mill.

By the way, Hecks, Randall, Dunley, Hollingsworth, Tezza ------------ Cya Slater


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Jul 15, 2004
Yep, one more front rower would not go astray. Topou is a sensational prospect but I'd imagine the cocks have him locked up.

Canteen Worker

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Jul 15, 2004
I would not let Dunley go at all, though the others are all likely to say Sayonara Senorita!!! Hecks will be an interesting proposition. Don't think first game back should be the game that judges him, though he did miss a tackle in the middle that led to a try.

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