Forward Problem

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With no Beaver, BK, Kite, Kylie and Kane, Hecks unlikely, and King struggling with injury, we definitely have a major forward problem this w/e. Possible starting pack:
King, Randall, Bryant, Choc, Willo, G Stewart.
Not gonna scare the Bunnies, that's for sure.
Team I would pick for this weekend........

1. Stewart
2. Donald
3. Alberts (Taylor if Alberts not fit)
4. Stephenson
5. Hicks
6. Witt
7. Monaghan
8. King
9. Randall
10. Bryant
11. Watmough
12. Stewart
13. Williamson

14. Dunley
15. Harris
16. Curtis
17. Moorewood

Injured: Hill, Heckenburg

SOO: Menzies, Kennedy

Suspended: Matai, Kite, Leuluai

All I can say is, thank god Dunley isn't suspended. We really are in a bit of trouble on that bench, but the starting lineup will go alright.

Major problem = lack of experience. (No Hill, Menzies and Kennedy)

Wouldn't be surpised if Hill is pushed to play, and Dessie would start with him and Alberts/Taylor in the centres with Steppa playing as a backrower off the bench.
Yet to see it perform, but that team still looks good in theory anyway. I still feel sorry for Lennon though, after going so well for so long he still wont get a look in with that many players out.
Do you guys think that Kite getting suspended is a certainty?
Duff to be honest, I just watched the replay and made a note to look at the incident in question and I don't really think in "real time" their was all that much to worry about. Looked just like your regular hitup with a hit that their may have been contract but hardly deliberate or with any malace in it. However daniel said has seen a photo on to suggest it was quite serious. I dont know what to think but I know that their will be a good chance he will escape suspension should he contest the charge which will incure no extra weeks on the side line if he does. Fingers crossed he will be ok. I couldn't imagine facing any side without "BOTH" bk's and menzies, leului gone! It would make things very hard on us considering the forwards are what have us in 2nd place. I think monas would really have to prove his worth then!
I just read that mate, I hope it makes sence, theirs a few mistakes in their. Ive had a few coldies! ;)
Although we have a problem with our forwards this week, I think we are very lucky to be playing Souths than any other team.
Team P W L PD Pts
9 8 1 116 18
9 7 2 72 16
9 7 2 49 16
11 7 4 59 14
9 6 3 57 14
10 6 4 -10 14
10 6 4 115 12
10 5 5 -56 12
11 5 5 30 11
10 4 6 15 10
10 5 5 -13 10
10 4 6 -18 8
9 3 6 -71 8
10 3 6 -9 7
9 2 7 -69 6
9 2 7 -87 6
9 1 8 -180 4
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