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Quoted in Manly Daily by none other than our new Captain BK:

Kennedy surprisingly nominated quietly-spoken prop Brent Kite as a future leader at the Sea Eagles.

Kite represented NSW while at St George-Illawarra in 2004 but did not back that form up last year, missing out on the Blues squad.

\"I've been that impressed with Brent Kite this year. He's a different bloke,\" the Manly captain said.

\"He's our best trainer, leads by example and is in for a big year.

\"I think he will play for Australia.\"

I hope it is true. 8)


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Well he did his best last year but he certainly didn't seem inspirational.

If he does improve then it will be a big year.

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I tell you what we need him to play like a man possessed. Especially with King carrying an injury already

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An off season op he is still recovering from, apparently he won't be seen in the trials


Well the pack should fire this year with our ex, current and future captain's forming half of it
Good call...while as far as the Eagles go, I think Kennedys appointment is a godsend, I also think Melbourne's decision to appoint a leadership group could also work well for their set up this season!


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Does anyone remember in the game at Ozzi in 05 when we beat The Bulldogs...Brent Sherwin did a cross field kick to El Masri, who easily out jumped the taller Scott Donald to score a try?

Ben Kennedy was near Donald, so also dived for the ball (but obviously wasn't in the play).

Kennedy screamed out to Donald "What the @#$! was that !!!".

Don't think the young blokes won't be putting their all in for this bloke. He doesn't accept mediocrity as seen in that one axample I have said.

That's something we have unfortunately accepted way too much in the recent past.


Agreeed Ryan- BKs been infected with the winning culture since back in his school days at Joeys- that school didn't accept mediocrity either....and didn't lose all that much ;)
Yeah, it would be nice to have Joeys as a feeding school to Manly league wouldn't it PJ? Many a time I had to watch as my beloved Grammar succumbed to the might of Joeys, but you always respected Joeys teams, something I couldn't do for Iggys, Shore or Kings.


Can you tell where I went to school then ...yeah don't go much on those Kings bastards.....Grammar seemed to have picked their act up in recent years with the rugby (good to see) but watching Joeys last year not many teams will get near them with a bloke named Kurtley Beale playing 5/8. He will be the youngest bloke to play for the Wallabies in my opinion but gee he would look good in the maroon and white!
I watched Kurtley play against Iggys on TV in 2004, and he was amazing then - I'm sure he will be that much better now. He's actually one player I WANT to stay in Union, coz he'll make such an outstanding Number 10. I also felt the same way about a certain Mr Craig Wing, when I saw him play against us in 1997. He was so good that even his teamates didn't know what he was doing. I was disappointed when I found out he came to League, because I believe it's stifling a truly great talent, and thought he'd also make an outstanding number 10.

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Many a time I had to watch as my beloved Grammar succumbed to the might of Joeys, but you always respected Joeys teams, something I couldn't do for ...... Kings.
yeah don't go much on those Kings bastards

What's the story????? :evil: :evil: :evil:

Funny thing last year when I went to the Manly Penrith game at Brookie - boarding housemasters from King's, Joeys and View were all there. Old GPS identities would be turning in their graves - though a young ex-Joeys journo I have heard of managed to get out there quite a bit Iam told. :lol:


Yeah, every game in Sydney- copped heaps for it too mate (from rugby loving classmates)...the only the time I ever got upset at boarding school was when mum didn't let me go to a Manly v Broncos game (turns out we lost and she did me a favour)...just kidding bout the Kings thing- the only schools I disliked were Shore, Newington and Scots- used to play John Howards son at Shore (the one that didn't play soccer) in the rugby and always made sure we used his back as a stepladder...if held the ball in the ruck of course ;)
Yeah Crusher- agree bout Beale and also Craig Wing- he was a brilliant union 5/8 and probably still could be!

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I coached cricket in the 3rds a few years back - one of the team bowled Richard Howard for a first ball duck so he was immediatley given school colours and an award for Services to the Community. Little Johnny had ventured all the way from Kirribillee with three bodyguards to see his son get a 'golden'. :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: :drunk: :drunk: :drunk:
What kind of journo are you PJ? I always wanted to be a sports journo, but never really went for it. Maybe once my accounting fling is over!


Jack of all, I'm currently working as a journo at a country paper and doing a few other freelance things- I buggered around at uni so I'm stuck in the sticks till I get my full grading!

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