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Forget it's Manly and answer this riddle....

Eagle of London

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Apr 29, 2016
Very good.

Looking at the crystal ball knowing the past, present and future.

We pick Hoopla Jnr. He goes ok in his debut and everyone who's been going on like a silly salmon lambasts the coach for not picking him earlier. Week 2 he destroys his ACL again and won't be seen for 12 months. Turns out being dropped into FG without any real warm up against hardened players was a mistake. Those supporters that have spent the last week getting up the coach now start getting up the coach for rushing an underdone kid into the big time... what was he thinking??? Elliott returns the next week.

At the same time another player gets called up and goes well. Thong (shoe - get it) as the fans call him quickly becomes a fan favorite. What a player. How good is he that all say. He is indeed good. So good in fact that 6 games after his debut he announces that he's signed with the roosters for 2022 and is requesting an immediate release saying ' he wants to win something and its not about the money....

This leaves the "The Smithfield Salmon' club in an interesting position. The coach had planned that both of those players were to be big parts of his 2021 side by which time they would have been resigned to new deals running till 2024.

Never the less 2021 turns out to be a great year as the side lifts the cup as their once injury prone fullback Sammy supercharger wins every award possible that season. His maligned captain and half back Robert strawberry-lollypop plays a vintage season leading the side to the glory.

The coach Bobby Dazzler was in the end proved right in decisions made and went into history as one of the greatest coaches of his generation.

Oh and in other news the pamperd pooches sack their model turned coach after 11 straight defeats ending up just beating out the wallygoomgop snakes to avoid the woddern spoon. The snakes coach King Arfuer is also sacked along with the club captain for gross misconduct on an end of year trip to Thailand. We were assure no ladybugs were permanently injured in the episode. Just had a bummer of a time.

Class of 96

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Sep 1, 2012
We have a random team - "The Smithfield Salmon" playing in the top teir of Irish Super league and we have zero connection with them, simply looking in from outside.

You dear Silvertail are NOW the team selector !!

The Salmons have major injuries with a few of their absolute star players out...

They have several players who have been in and out of top grade to fill in for injuries, who are average at best, but have filled in admirable giving their best whenever called upon.
However there are a few junior potential superstar players, who have come through the junior system and look to have star qualities well beyond most players already in the top Salmons team.
You ask yourself "but they may be too young and we don't want to bring them in early as it may effect their confidence and physically may not cope"...
That's when you look scroll through other teams who have youngsters from their exact age group, who with nowhere near their potential, who are not just holding a spot, but playing very, very well.

Do you at this stage stick with the experienced depth player who is trying, you know they are honest but add little....or do you give the young gun with all the potential a shot, as regardless of the result, just Maybe...they will add more for the team ??
Good luck getting them out of the pub over there mate.


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Jun 12, 2015
I love hypotheticals! Here's another question:

If you could be any 90s video game character who would it be??


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Jun 19, 2010
Hoppa and turbo have both had some horor injury years.. Another serious injury this year for either may be major, both physically and mentally. Im not saying cotton wool them but sure to be sure i say


stay tuned
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Oct 8, 2011
I love hypotheticals! Here's another question:

If you could be any 90s video game character who would it be??
Pac-Man obv.

2nd... frogger

Now that's an awesome question.

Wait... they were in the 80's I think.

Sheesh, now I'm old and depressed.


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Sep 8, 2010
Is there a Salmon Character ?....if not I take "Sonic" and my mate Bozo will love the Choice of this Speedy character !!

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