For once Gould is spot on



Gould's comments in the SMH today:

The modern game has shown us that youth, speed and skill are the three major prerequisites for success. Last year's premiership was dominated by young, enthusiastic teams and players who were fleet of foot and sharp of mind. Unfortunately, when selecting the Australian squad for the Tri-Nations series, our national coach and selectors ignored the trend, much to the disappointment of Australian fans.

The Broncos have fallen on a similar sword. Over the past three years they have steadily descended the ladder based purely on the size, age and skill of their players and the predictable brand of football they manufacture. Other teams, such as the exciting Wests Tigers and North Queensland Cowboys, have not only experienced the dizzy heights of finals football, but the attraction of fans excited at their array of skills.

For some time the Broncos have ignored calls for more mobility and a change in their philosophy and despite obviously working hard all summer on their own agenda, they were soon hit with the realisation they have come up well short of the standards necessary to be a force in 2006.

For the Cowboys, it was the players in positions who handled the ball the most that did the damage. In the modern game your fullback, halfback, five-eighth and hooker must be naturally instinctive playmakers, constantly on the lookout for opportunities on the spur of the moment.

In Matt Bowen, Jonathan Thurston, Brett Firman and Aaron Payne, they have four game breakers with a seemingly telepathic connection to one another. When one sees an opportunity, you can bet your life the other three see it as well. This was particularly evident in two of the Cowboys' first-half tries when hooker Payne instigated lightning raids through the middle of the Brisbane forwards as they sluggishly retreated in defence.

It is time for Des to heed Gould's advice and pick Ballin, Cuthbo and rose in the team for next week. Meaney also needs to be fast tracked for Fg as well maybe later in the year.
First Grader
What he says is true. Clubs rise and fall on their 9, 7, 6 and 1.

We have a six who doesn't know whether he is there or 9. We have no 6 really as Witt, Burns. Monas and Orford are all 7s. A Six links with the backline and gets them moving.

Get Ballin in at 9 and you start to fix the problem.
Team P W L PD Pts
4 4 0 41 8
3 2 1 28 6
4 3 1 26 6
4 3 1 16 6
3 2 1 0 6
4 2 2 23 4
3 1 2 4 4
4 2 2 2 4
4 2 2 -2 4
4 2 2 -9 4
4 2 2 -10 4
4 2 2 -12 4
4 2 2 -13 4
3 1 2 -40 4
4 1 3 -11 2
4 1 3 -13 2
4 0 4 -30 0
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