For Byso, a non religious non political thread.


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Just thought I would start a thread for Byso as he seems to think I am incapable of coming up with an original idea.

Was just wondering what sort of other sports were played and or followed by the silvertails regulars?

In the last few weeks there have been a few varying sports mentioned in threads, from Skiing/boarding to Cycling etc.

Personally I enjoy Cricket in the summer, both playing and observing, and play golf and ski(in winter), although I am possibly the worlds worst in both these pursuits.

over to you gents, particularly Byso.

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I play Division 1 Over 35 Soccer in the winter. (Groin injury has had me out for five weeks now - no wonder Beaver was out for so long!) I love Cricket but would rather be married than play.

Involved in Athletics as an Official and also do a bit for the kids hockey club. Love any sport and will even watch a good game of Scissor Paper Rock if it's the main choice. Coached Junior Rugby for 25 years but am now the coach of a Girls League team at school!!!


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Don't play any sports at the moment due to recovering from a knee injury, but I'll probably look into touch footy next year (which is how I injured it in the first place!)

I'm currently the Assistant Coach of an Under 17's soccer team, despite never having actually played the sport for a club >_> Might be why the team has such a poor record this year :p

Apart from these, my other favourite sport is cricket, which I played for eight years and watch each summer, but again I haven't played it for a few years due to the knee. Played indoor cricket too which is the only thing I ever made reps for, where we played in the State finals coming third.


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I play soccer. AL 6 HSU. On top of the table lost two games so far and the season is almost over so we are sitting 1 point clear at the moment.

Two games we lost I was away. not happy since I still pay the fine

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I play 2nd Grade cricket during the summer, and used to play indoor cricket but having a year off. Won heaps of indoor comps over the years and played in a super legaue. Having a winter off from playing anything but Basketball is appealing for me next year.

Don't play a lot of golf, but a mate came back earlier in the year and wanted a round, and he was filthy when i popped in a hole in 1 :lol:

Love Cricket, attend as much as possible, and go to a lot of basketball games and a few rugby as well. Will watch pretty much any sport if it is on


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Oh I forgot to say i play mean Big Buck hunter

The Gronk

Played a lot of cricket (Geoff Boycott style opener) when I was younger but more recently have been a golfer. My handicap got down as low as 7 for a while, but I am back to 11 these days.


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Played soccer for a number of years and also cricket, dislocated my shoulder three times, had the reconstruction and haven't had the guts to go back to playing!

Have since taken up squash - bloody fantastic workout and very enjoyable game if anyone is thinking about taking it up!

Also play a bit of golf not to any great ability, started the year out playing off a 28, am now down to a 22 so definately heading in the right direction.


I love all sports. Cant get enough of em , although there are 2 exceptions.
And Ill be honest , I cant stand to watch a horse race! Is it really a sport?
And , I cant stand watching Netball , although playing indoor mixed is cool.

Favourite ones are Cricket , Soccer (played both when young) played a little Union and didnt mind it. League , golf , tennis .

If its on Fox Sports Ill watch it.


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Oh I forgot to say i play mean Big Buck hunter

Really? Having an off night at the diggers were you!!!! :yeah:

I am semi retired from Rugby. Make a cameo appearance for the over 35's (yes I know, im not even 30 yet) every now and again, but it just takes too long to recover these days.

Play touch footy, havent for a while but will be looking for a summer comp come Sept/Oct.

Snowboarding and a few other random sports.

Tunnel ball is awesome, play it at school some days.


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Finished playing at first/2nd grade Northern districts Cricket Assn. #4 Bat.
In lower grades was Opening Bowler and mid order Bat. Pretty proud of one year when I won association all-rounder of the year. With highest score of 168 in SF an average of 150 odd and an Ave of about 12 with the ball.

Played state grade for a few years

Played of 4 and played Pennants for a few clubs.
Cabramatta, Wyong, Fox Hills.

ATM due to family and work commitments I’ve stopped sport. But expect to start squash again to lose some added Kg's since being in hibernation.


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Used to play Rugby but have not for a few years, every year I start pre season training and realise im a lazy bastard and give it away. If I head back home to work in the next few years I will take it up again as some mates still play up there.

Play golf about once per month although I am pretty ordinary now, used to play of 17 as a young fella, now I would be lucky to do 18 in under 100.

I go cycling a couple of times a week, nothing serious just for fitness, and I also like wearing the lycra!!!

Love watching the MotoGP as well, never miss a race. Had a bike up until a month ago but sold it as I figured I would end up dead or lose my license although I miss it too much and am thinking of getting a track bike.


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I haven't played any sport in a few years due to illness but I do follow the A-League a lot.

Soccer is my second sport really and now that we have a decent Domestic comp I am very happy.

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