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Just thought I would pose a question to you guys about the Thursday night Footy Show- do you think it has gotten worse as the years have gone on?
I don’t even bother watching it anymore and the fact that the only time they talk about the games coming up is when they rush through their tips at the end, is a disgrace.
How it won a Gold Logie is beyond me - if they want a variety show call it a variety show and NOT the Footy Show!
I watch the Sunday Morning Footy Show and The Sunday Roast and enjoy them both.
They actually discuss football and it is interesting to hear the panels opinion- I might not agree with it all but at least they have the opportunity to present different views on things and put the time in to properly discuss it.
I don’t really like Phil Gould but he isn’t as hard to take on the Sunday Roast either- a show which never fails to raise a laugh especially watching Matt Johns struggle with a hangover most Sundays.
I have heard that due to ****ty ratings so far this season Channel 9 are set to revamp its Thursday night Footy Show format mid season- I really hope this means more footy talk and less of the crap (like dragging the dumb ‘Bring Mario Back’ crap week in week out and those stupid ‘One v One’ segments- Matt Johns is funny but can someone please tell Paul Harrigan he is not)


Journey Man
use to watch it years ago but it went downhill - like you say less and less footy talk. havnt watched it in years now.

Dont mind the odd sunday footy show or sunday roast if i happen to be able to see them.


Reserve Grader
When you have muppets like Gasnier or Ricketson on the panel who dont add anything other than a generic recycled question to a geust and who are not funny especially Ricketson who seems to think that personal jokes he has going with a couple of players interviewed are funny, what is that guy doing on the show! Girdler was good the other week. The show misses Peter Sterling who had a dry sense of humor but also could seriously discuss current issues in the game - Bring Back Sterling, get rid of the Chief and replace him with Girdler, and for Gods sake what is up with the back ground set it does not represent anything to do with rugby league!!!


Reserve Grader
The footy show show in one of the worst on TV. The shopw peaked about 5 years ago and has been on the downhill slide ever since.

Maybe channel 7 should start one up at the same time with Tommy Raudonikis, Blocker and Ray Hadley.


UFO Hunter
For years I couldn't stand Gould and Sterling.

But when you weight it up against the poor excuse for a footy show that we have now, they make a lot of sense and are far more entertaining and enjoyable to watch than the pack of disgraced footballers that are now co-hosts on thursday night.


Journey Man
I gave up watching it two years ago. Gave the first one this year a go but it was the usual dross.

I feel dirty if I watch it - like I've done an injustice to my intelligence.
I hate the way they spend 30 seconds talking about each upcoming game. If you watch the AFL one, they properly analyse the upcoming weekend games. I can't stand the way Matty and Chief will NEVER tip against the Knights - it's bordering on farcical.


Winging it
I will agree that the Footy Show went completely off about 4 years ago. This meant I virtually gave it up. Then somehow I watched one mid-season last year and the formula was right. No slant for one team, footie players saying credible things and some entertainment. This year with Sterlo gone they have lost the plot. The addition of Gaz, Ricko and Mason provides nothing and due to Matty and Chief has a surreal Rhoidcastle slant that is too much to take. As it stands today it needs a huge revamp. I agree that more analysis of upcoming games would be a very good start.


Journey Man
It's Hey Hey it's Saturday....on Thursday night. All we need is the pink ostrich !!!


Due to my work hours, I get paid to watch both footy shows (as the guy I work with is an AFL nut). I must say that the AFL Footy Show craps all over the NRL one. They have the formula right - 95% footy talk and then Sam Newmann & Trevor Marmalade add the 5% humour!
I think that the NRL show could learn off their Southern cousins & have less crap on the show! Have a core panel of 3 and then bring on 3 guest panelists each week from different clubs. 100% more professional than what the NRL dishes out every week.......


glad I'm not the only one annoyed by the current format- hopefully they do something about it- surely they can't continue to ignore the ****ty ratings


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
It's a kids show in an adult timeslot.

They are catering to the intelligence of you general Rocker style supporter
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