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Journey Man
Dude - this may have been discussed before, but there's a unit on the front of all the membership cards. Please tell me that's not your ugly mug ??? 8| 8| 8|

Because I don't want a picture of you in my wallet !!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
you think thats scary, how do you think i feel about having a pick of me kept in your pants?

i havnt been contacted about it so i know nothing, havnt got my membership card yet either so cant help
Fluffy I would be more worried about Ryan kissing it each night to say good night
Pffft...have you seen Fluffy's head Daniel? My God man, give yourself an uppercut !!!
I didnt need to hear that, the less i know the better i think.

Im going to live in fantasy land and believe that ryan stick it in a drawer in his desk and only removes it from the drawer when he absolutly has to for completely non sexual reasons.
Hahahahahaha.....GOLD. That ALSO mean Jye Jye Babe or whatever her name is may use it as well !!!!
I'm sure he spends the off season looking up big words to describe how the eagles play in the up coming season
what ever happened to Corse Pete?

He decided to give us the flick during that terrible little episode where I chucked a tanty with Clon and Dan.

Personally, I can see his point - it wasn't one of my finer moments.
Corso Pete will be greatly missed should he choose not to return to this forum. He always was considered, thoughtful, passionate and genuine. A loss for sure.

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