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i wont even bother with the obvious.thanks for your little pieces on king and monaghan and congratulations on selecting manly to win 2 of their last 12.i aplogise for being a "****head" once again.

my last call for the year.if manly plan to play monaghan at 6 next year,after 30 years they will be going around without me.


Reserve Grader
You're a deadset tool if you drop your support because a certain player is played in a certain position. Go jump now if that's your attitude.


Reserve Grader
Yeh if u actually do go for manly you wouldnt care who is playing where. Change teams coz we dont want you.
**** off you little fool.i have had enough of you and your ilk.every week we listen to your **** defending a bloke on 240 k a year who everyon e in the club except max delmege rates as a reserve grader.we have a history of winning that should not be disgraced by you and your ill advised losers.

what is your address you little weasel.i sat in the scg stands in 76 when we beat parra in a game we should have been flogged but we had ticker and i have to listen to a loser like you making excuses for a canberra reserve grader who had petitions raised in his honour.

go **** yourself.


Reserve Grader
Pathetic mate... You shoodent even go for manly after that statement.

:naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty: :naughty:
no i "shouldent " (which caravan park?) mate.i am sick and tired of mediocrity and losers like you apologising for it.the bottom line is i know captain calamity wont play in the 6 and as such my 30 years of support wont be tested.the amazing thing is you and your mates dont realise it.


Reserve Grader
I stand up for Monaghan every week? WTF?

I don't care where you were, if you were a true supporter, who playing where wouldn't change that. Get angry, sure. Stop supporting though? Go away.


First Grader
I didnt think you would be hurting this much Sue, you have been saying how crap we are all year. thought you would have known this type of defeat was inevitable. especially given our current form.

At the end of the day Monas was our best option this season in the halves. But he is no longer our first choice No 7 :clap:

I would like to see Burns given first shot in the No 6 next season, although I think he might be a little small.


Reserve Grader
yeh piss off ridgepipe change teams. We dont care, we dont want supporters like you. Congratulations u were old enough to watch a game in 1976. Yeh well its 2005 and monas has been our half, ask any rugby league expert and they will say that monas has plenty of ticker and guts. He won us a few games this year, just look at the panthers and his drop goal against the Broncos.

He will be 6 or 9 next year and i hope captain. So go ahead change teams, piss off coz the team doesnt need supporters like you!


UFO Hunter
Calm down guys. Sue is emotional. We all were. He wont pick another team and I can guarantee he wont stop his support.

Im with him in regards to having to put up with doll que rumors about how good select players have been this season.


First Grader
Sue is cool, but I can understand people fireing up at Sue's statement. It's all part of the fun :)

I'm sure Sue can handle it.
Team P W L PD Pts
12 9 3 83 22
13 10 3 80 22
13 9 4 110 20
12 7 5 64 18
12 7 5 -37 18
13 7 6 133 16
13 7 6 81 16
13 7 6 47 16
13 7 6 -34 16
13 6 6 27 15
13 6 6 26 15
14 7 7 -26 14
13 6 7 -47 14
13 4 9 -111 10
12 3 9 -123 10
12 3 9 -136 10
12 2 10 -137 8
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